Hit-A-Pin Bagatelle

Hit-A-Pin Bagatelle Grand Descended from old English bagatelle that has been played upon slate-bed tables for centuries in certain British pubs, table-top bagatelle or "Parlour Bagatelle" has been enjoyed by children and adults at home for almost as long. 

This is a modern replica of a version of Bagatelle called Hit-A-Pin Bagatelle first produced by Jaques more than a century ago and was, they claim, supplied to Queen Victoria! It is a straightforward bagatelle variant made from hardwood with a dark Mahogany finish.

Dimensions approx for Grand version: 76 x 38 cm (30 x 15 inches) - with 5/8" (1.6 cm steel balls)

APOLOGIES - THIS PRODUCT IS DISCONTINUED - but we still supply spare balls for it.







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