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Old English Bagatelle


Old English Bagatelle

Old English bagatelle was very popular in Victorian times in the home and the game can still be found as a rare pub game in a couple of English towns. . Like a Billiards Table, there are a variety of games that can be played upon a Bagatelle table and like Bar Billiards, Bagatelle is a good space saver because it's played from one end only.

If you have an old English Bagatelle game and are considering refurbishing it, we suggest you read our Bagatelle Reconditioning FAQ first!

There are two main forms of table. The original free-standing slate bed tables are 8 or 10 feet long and are similar in quality and structure to Snooker and Billiard tables. Separately, there are the old Victorian folding style boards designed to be put on a table-top - similar in form but ranging from 4 - 9 feet when open.

Regrettably, no manufacturer makes any form of Old English Bagatelle any longer although Thurston produced free-standing Bagatelle tables until the 1990s. The folding Victorian Bagatelles regularly turn up in people's attics and at antique fairs and even the old Slate bed tables can occasionally be found. So we have made available a variety of different spares and replacements for people wishing to refurbish a table.

See also: FAQ - Reconditioning Old Folding Bagatelle boards.


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