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Billiard Table Cushion Rubber


Billiard Table Cushion Rubber

We have a variety of billiard table cushion rubber suitable for full size snooker tables right down to small home tables and old English bagatelle games.

For most smaller tables, the rubber should be stuck directly on to the timber of the cushion using high impact adhesive suitable for rubber. We have made some Neoprene impact adhesive which is perfect for this job available below. Superglue and other types of glue will not work properly.

Apply to both surfaces, wait a few minutes and then press surfaces together, shaping the rubber around the corners of the pockets.

We also can supply a roll of cushion rubber tape if desired. This is sometimes used on larger tables along the join of the top of the rubber and the wooden cushion before pulling the cloth over both.

The technology for cushions on full size snooker tables is more complex and fitters are advised to refer to the manufacturer for further details if necessary.


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Billiards, Snooker & Pool Table Cushion Rubber Adhesive

Neoprene Cushion Rubber Adhesive -  1/2 Litre can

Products used to stick cushion rubbers onto Billiards, Snooker & Pool table. Cushion Rubber adhesive and cushion tape available.

Snooker Table Cushion Rubber

Northern Championship 7/8 inch L-shaped Cushion Rubber

Snooker Table cushion rubber for full size snooker tables and some smaller table. Good quality L-shaped rubber.

Smaller Snooker Table & Pool Table Cushion Rubber

3/8 x 1/4 inch Billiard cushion rubber (4m - 13 feet)

Cushion rubber for smaller size size Snooker tables and Pool tables. L-shape and rectangular rubber is available in a range of sizes.

American Style Pool Table Cushion Rubber

US Pool table cushion rubber (6 x 4 ft lengths, triangular)

K-66 profile American pool table cushion rubber, suitable for most American 9 Ball tables. Sold in Sets of 6 x 48" lengths to suit 9ft American Pool Tables


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