Spider Rests

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Spider Rests

The Spider is effectively a tall rest. Where a rest is required and the cue ball is just the other side of another ball, a cross rest will not do the job because the cue needs to go over the intervening ball. Such shots are only possible with a spider.

A spider will be required fairly regularly on a large table and occasionally on smaller tables - so ideally the minimum for any table is both a cross rest and a Spider.

For smaller tables where perhaps the expense of 2 rests is undesirable, Masters Traditional Games suggests, somewhat unconventionally, that if you have only one rest, you could select a Spider. Although it's a harder implement to use than an ordinary rest, it will mean that almost all shots are possible.

Standard length spider for a full-size table is around 60 inches but this will be too long for smaller tables. The 48 inch shaft is more suitable for 6 and 7 feet tables.

We also can supply a long spider which is a non-traditional implement but can be useful in some situations or as a compromise solution for those who don't want to buy both a spider and a half butt.


Brass Spider Rest with 60 inch Ramin shaft

Apologies - out of stock. Date new stock due: 15 Jan 2018. Email us to be notified when new stock arrives.

Eng/Wales ETA: 3 working days

Prod.Ref: 00K2WH


21.24 (ex.VAT)


Brass Spider Rest with 48 inch Ash shaft

Eng/Wales ETA: 3 working days

Prod.Ref: 001W49


29.16 (ex.VAT)


Brass Spider Rest with 54 inch Ash shaft

Eng/Wales ETA: 3 working days

Prod.Ref: 001W4R


29.99 (ex.VAT)


Brass Spider Rest with 60 inch Ash shaft

Eng/Wales ETA: 3 working days

Prod.Ref: 001W47


29.99 (ex.VAT)


Brass Spider Rest Head (head only - no shaft)

This item is usually obtained to order - hence the longer lead time. Email us if you need more detail on availability.

Eng/Wales ETA: 9 working days

Prod.Ref: 001KW7


7.91 (ex.VAT)


Long Spider - 84 inch Ramin shaft with spider brass head

Eng/Wales ETA: 3 working days

Prod.Ref: 00K2W1


24.99 (ex.VAT)

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