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Mancala & Oware Games

If Africa were a nation, then Mancala would be the National Game of Africa. There are hundreds of versions of Mancala played throughout Asia and Africa. Played to a high level in West Africa and the Caribbean, Oware Mancala is now a familar sight across Europe and America. Mancala is played to international competition level but is simple to learn and is a fascinating game with hidden depths for both adults and children alike.


Pencil Oware - Sankofen, Akoben symbols


Classic starter Oware set from Ghana with either Sankofen or Akoben symbol

Extended Pencil Oware - Akoben symbol


Extended Pencil Oware game - with stores at either end for the captured seeds

Chavet Wooden Oware Game


Authentic wooden Oware set with real Bonduc seeds

Philos Large Mancala - Kalaha

From £20.99

Large Beech wood Mancala game with coloured stones


Four Rank Mancala (Bao, Hus, Omweso) - travel version

Out of stock.

4 rank Mancala game of great complexity from East Africa. Known as Bao in Kenya/Tanzania, Omweso in Uganda.

Four Rank Mancala (Hus, Omweso, Bao)

Out of stock.

Large size 4 rank Mancala game. Known as Bao in Kenya/Tanzania, Omweso in Uganda.

Philos 4 Player Mancala


Wooden Mancala game for up to 4 players.

Spare Bonduc seeds for Oware / Mancala


Spare playing pieces for Oware and other Mancala games


Mancala History

To learn more about the History and types of Mancala and Oware, visit the Online Guide to Traditional Games.

Related Products

Set of Oware/ Mancala Seeds

Spare set of 50 Bonduc seeds for Mancala / Oware

Set of Bonduc seeds for Oware/ Mancala games. Set contains 50 seeds, 48 for play and 2 spare. Not suitable for children under 5.

Oware Mancala game - Sankofen, Akoben symbols

Oware Mancala game (pencil style with bonduc seeds, Mahogany, Akoben war horn symbol)

Genuine Oware Mancala game from Ghana, hand-made from Mahogany with Sankofen & Akoben carvings. Good starter set.

Oware game, Extended Pencil folding

Extended Pencil folding Mancala Oware game (with seeds, Mahogany)

Genuine Extended Pencil folding Oware game from Ghana, hand-made in Mahogany. Has 2 storage holes for captured Bonduc seeds. Good starter set.

Four Rank Mancala (Bao, Hus, Omweso)

Four Rank Mancala (Hus, Omweso, Bao) - travel version

The East African strategy game of four rank Mancala. Complex traditional game also known as Bao, Omweso or Hus. Same day dispatch

Four Rank Mancala (Hus, Omweso, Bao)

Four Rank Mancala (Hus, Omweso, Bao)

Large size four rank mancala. East African strategy game also known as Bao, Omweso or Hus. Complex traditional game. Quick dispatch.

Philos Large Mancala - Kalaha

Philos Large Mancala / Kalaha - Beech

Beautiful, large wooden Mancala or Kalaha game from Philos with lovely coloured stones. A classic strategy game of African origin.

Philos 4 Player Mancala

Philos 4 Player Mancala

An unusual / untraditional Mancala game for up to 4 players from Philos. A fun game to play with the family. Quick dispatch.

Chavet Wooden Oware Game

Chavet Wooden Oware Game

An authentic wooden Oware / Mancala game with real Bonduc seeds as playing pieces. A folding board with a decorative lid design.


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