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Solitaire Games


Solitaire Games

Solitaire is a game most of us have played at some time and it still remains a popular favourite - here we have versions of this game made with beautiful wooden boards and eye-catching pieces.

Solitaire isn't a game at all really - it's a puzzle which has baffled the best of minds for centuries. It was first invented by a French nobleman in the Bastille to while away the hours.


French Solitaire

The French have a different layout of Solitaire board to the English style with four extra holes making a more circular pattern. If you've mastered the cross-style board, why not give a French Solitaire game a try...


Standard Solitaire

We try to find Solitaire boards that are a bit special or unusual.


Luxury Solitaire

Our range of deluxe or luxury Solitaire boards that are extremely high quality and suitable for even the most discerning of tastes. Beautifully crafted wooden boards coupled with wonderful assortments of marbles.

Luxury Handmade Oak Solitaire - Assorted Marbles


An 18 inch beautifully crafted, solid Oak Solitaire board with a wonderful assortment of marbles, handmade in the UK.

Luxury Handmade Mahogany Solitaire - Assorted Marbles


An 18 inch beautifully crafted, solid mahogany Solitaire board with a wonderful assortment of marbles, handmade in the UK.

Duke of York Solitaire (17 inch hand made)

Out of stock.

The King of solitaire boards. Astonishing marbles on a 17 inch solid Black Walnut board.


History of Solitaire

The popular modern game of Solitaire is played on a Fox and Geese board. The game was supposedly invented by a French count who was incarcerated in prison (there are references in French sources back to 1697) and is really a puzzle more than a game.

Solitaire was brought to England in the eighteenth century. You start with all the pegs (or balls) in the holes except the middle hole. Then each turn you hop one peg over another orthogonally but not diagonally. The piece hopped over is taken and removed from the board. The objective is to be left with a single peg in the middle.

Similar games to Solitaire are found in Southern Asia but these are not of the Tafl group being descended from a separate source. Two examples are Cows and Leopards from Ceylon and Tigers and Goats, the National Game of Nepal.

Customers Also Viewed

Wooden French / Euro Solitaire with Boxwood Marbles

Beautiful wooden French / Euro Solitaire with boxwood marbles. 27cm board with painted wooden playing pieces. Next day delivery available.

French Round Solitaire Game, 30cm

French 30cm Round Solitaire Marbles game with natural boxwood marbles. Set includes 37 wooden marbles. Diameter: 30cm (12").

French Octagonal Solitaire Game

French Octagonal Solitaire game with beautifully grained boxwood marbles. Set includes 37 wooden marbles.

Compact 5-inch Solitaire Box Set with Glass Marbles

A compact 5-inch solitaire box set with glass marbles. Made in the UK from cast resin and decorated with floral patterns. Next day delivery available.

Resin Solitaire Board - with decorative pattern & green marbles

A beautiful Solitaire set featuring a nicely decorated stone resin board and green marbles. Would make a lovely gift. Low price, top service.

House of Marbles Standard Solitaire

A beautiful Solitaire game including a set of glass marbles and a round wooden board of high quality. A great puzzle for all ages to enjoy

House of Marbles Deluxe Solitaire

A lovely, coffee table sized Solitaire puzzle from House of Marbles. A 30cm deluxe Sheesham wooden board with a beautiful set of handmade glass marbles.

Very Large Wooden Circular Solitaire

A very large, wooden, circular Solitaire board with large wooden pegs. The board measure 38cm in diameter.

Solitaire with Wooden Marbles (21cm)

An inexpensive wooden Solitaire game with polished wooden marbles. The board has a diameter of approximately 21cm and 33 marbles are included.

Wooden Travel Solitaire Game

A nicely made, wooden travel Solitaire game. Played with pegs that stay in place during travel. Buy now from the traditional games specialist.

Large Bamboo Solitaire with Wooden Marbles

Large Bamboo Solitaire board with wooden marbles. Buy now from the traditional games specialist. Low prices, top service & speedy delivery.

Duke of York Luxury Solitaire - hand-made marbles

Luxury Wooden Duke of York Solitaire game with exquisitely coloured hand-made marbles. The board is made from American Black Walnut.

Luxury Handmade Oak Solitaire Board with Assorted Marbles

A beautifully crafted, handmade, luxury Oak Solitaire board with a wonderful assortment of large, colourful marbles. A stunning Solitaire game.

Luxury Handmade Mahogany Solitaire Board - Assorted Marbles

A large, beautifully crafted, luxury mahogany Solitaire board with a wonderful assortment of marbles. Handmade in the UK to the highest standard.


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