Drakes Pride Bowls

Drakes Pride Bowls

Drakes Pride are the longest established English bowls manufacturer and are still the leading supplier of quality bowling equipment in the World. Offering an extensive range of Flat Green and Crown Green Bowling equipment, Drakes Pride are known as "the Bowlers choice worldwide".

Masters Traditional Games is proud to bring you their bowls equipment, including the highest quality Bowls as well as plenty of other accessories.

Drakes Pride Bowls

Drakes Pride Professional Bowls

From 189.90

Classic, hugely popular Bowls for both indoor and outdoor play.

Drakes Pride XP Bowls (extra bias)

From 179.90

The solid balance of Professional Bowls + extra XP bias for outdoor greens and Short-Mat.

Drakes Pride D-tec Bowls

From 215.90

New, bias strength on the inside of the Professional model - ideal indoor bowl.

Drakes Pride Fineline Bowls

From 204.90

Bowls biased between the Professional and the Advantage - for outdoor and indoor rinks


Drakes Pride Advantage Bowls

From 189.90

Drakes Pride bowls with a lesser bias designed specifically for narrower indoor rinks.

Drakes Pride Mini-Professional


Version of the versatile Professional bowls for the smaller hand.

Drakes Pride Standard Crown Green Bowls

From 99.90

Drakes Pride are the leading supplier of bowls for Crown Greens

Drakes Pride Harlequin Crown Green Bowls

From 146.90

Coloured versions of Drakes Pride Crown Green Bowls


Home Bowls & Table Bowls


Related Products

Drakes Pride Professional Lawn Bowls

Drakes Pride Professional bowls (set of 4, gripped, black)

Drakes Pride Professional Lawn Bowls. Gripped & in sets of 4 in black, brown or bright colours. Available in a range of weights & sizes.

Drakes Pride Advantage Indoor Bowls

Drakes Pride Advantage Bowls (Heavyweight, Gripped, Black, Set of 4)

Drakes Pride Advantage Indoor bowls, with superb feel and handling & extra weight for indoor bowlers. Sets of 4, gripped or no grip, black or brown

Drakes Pride Junior Professional Bowls

Drakes Pride Professional Junior Bowls (set of 4)

Drakes Pride Professional Junior Bowls in a smaller size, 107mm dia (smaller than a size 00). Sets of 4, choice of 4 colours, cannot be engraved.

Drakes Pride Fineline Bowls. Quality heavyweight Fine Line bowls

Drakes Pride Fineline bowls (set of 4, gripped, black, heavyweight)

Drakes Pride Fineline Heavyweight Lawn Bowls, with 'balanced arc sole shape' to create a very stable bowl, gripped, black, brown or bright colours

Drakes Pride Crown Green Bowls

Drakes Pride Richmond Crown Green Bowls (pair, without grips)

Drakes Pride Crown Green bowls. Standard - black, no grip. Deluxe - black or brown with circular grip. Sets of 2, choice of weight & of mount colour

Drakes Pride Harlequin Coloured Crown Green Bowls

Harlequin Coloured Standard Crown Green Bowls (no grips, set of 2)

Drakes Pride Harlequin Coloured Crown Green Bowls - Standard, Deluxe or Hi-Density. Available in choice of colours. In sets of two

Drakes Pride XP Bowls. Lawn Bowls with extra bias

Drakes Pride XP bowls (set of 4, gripped, heavyweight, black)

Drakes Pride Heavyweight XP Outdoor Lawn Bowls, gripped, in black, brown or bright colours. Choice of sizes. Sets of 4.

Drakes Pride D-tec Bowls | Ideal Indoor Bowl

Drakes Pride D-tec Bowls (set of 4, heavyweight, gripped, black)

Drakes Pride's D-tec model features a bias strength on the inside of the Professional model with a smooth flat finish - ideal indoor bowl.

Drakes Pride Table Bowls | 2 inch and 2 & 1/4 inch Table Bowls

Table Bowls - 2 inch set. 4 pairs with jack and hardwood chute

Drakes Pride Table Bowls. A skilful pub game for two players, designed to be played on a billiards table or other flat surface, two sizes available

Banda Home Carpet Bowls - Mini Bowls Set

Set of 2.5 inch Banda Home Carpet Bowls

Banda Home Carpet Bowls Sets. A set of mini bowls for domestic use. With full precision bias and made in England. Immediate dispatch.


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