Pico Pao Games

Pico Pao Games

Masters Games are proud to offer a fantastic range of products from renowned Spanish manufacturers Pico Pao. Known for their stylish incarnations of traditional games that have stood the test of time, and their innovative Ludus Ludi range featuring indefinable puzzles and contemporary takes on modern classics, they truly are a brand that offers something for everyone.

Take a look at the fantastic products on offer below and add some supreme style to your gaming entertainment.


The History of Pico Pao

Pico Pao is a workshop that began its journey in a small Spanish village on the border with Portugal in the late 1970s. It takes its name from the much loved local woodpecker, known as "Pico Pao" which translates as "stick-beak."
Its beginning with the manufacturing of toys and games resulted from the resident's life of poverty. The six children that grew up in the house could not afford to buy the things most children take for granted so they learnt to use all the materials available to them to make their own games to increasingly high standards. As time went on the workshop grew and with it the demand for the hand crafted games.
Over the years the family's attention was drawn to old fashioned toys and games, of both European and African origin which they were determined to save from oblivion. Currently Pico Pao is in the process of re-founding the workshop, incorporating younger members of the family and focusing its activity on designing and perfecting original games.
Along with their range of traditional games they have incorporated a separate collection with a more experimental, abstract intention - Ludus Ludi. These games feature the stylish image synonymous with Pico Pao as well as a more contemporary approach to games and design.



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