3 Player Hexagonal Chess

3 Player Hexagonal Chess

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3 Player Chess - 40 x 35cm - blue, green, red

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  • A good size 3 player Chess set - board measures approximately 40 x 35cm when open
  • Nicely finished and stained in blue green and red
  • 3 player chess is an enjoyable variation of the classic game
  • Folding board that doubles as storage for the pieces
  • Full instructions / rules are included

3 player chess may look bewildering at first but it is simple to learn for anyone who knows the rules of standard Chess and is an enjoyable variation of the classic game.

3 player chess has the same rules as standard 2 player chess but adjusted to take account of the hexagonal board. The game is not a gimmick; it's a really interesting version of Chess that enables an extra player to play.

The extra rules are minimal but the hexagonal nature of the board can take some time to get used to...

When a piece that moves diagonally reaches the middle point of the board, it can travel in one of two directions.
The first King must be actually taken rather than just checkmated. The owner of a King can move even while in a checkmate position.
The extension of the game to the hexagonal board turn out to be pretty fascinating, once you've understood the way that pieces move through the middle point. For instance:

  • Having an ally can be more important than having a good position. Two poorer players can gang up on the better player so the better player is not always guaranteed to win.
  • An exchange of pieces is usually a bad idea. If you exchange pieces with another player, the 3rd player is now a piece up!
  • The value of the diagonally moving pieces is somewhat increased as they threaten more squares than on the traditional chessboard. So one could perhaps argue that the exchange of a Bishop for a Knight is less viable.
  • The rule that the first King must be taken exists because of the interesting possibility that the 3rd player might do something that enables a King to actually escape from a checkmate...

This excellent 3 player chess board is made from a stained hardwood - as are the pieces. Both the board and pieces are nicely finished and stained in blue, green and red. The hexagonal board is folding and hinged with storage trays inside so that, when closed, they form a storage container for the pieces. There are two metal catches to keep the box closed. The pieces are not weighted but do feature felted bottoms and are nicely carved and finished.

The game is not an inlaid, high quality item but is nicely made and will be a fascinating talking point.

A full set of rules are included.

Approx. Dimensions:

Board: 400 x 350mm. King height: 58mm
Board: 15.7x13.8 inch. King height: 2.3 inch

Contains small parts. Unsuitable for children younger than 4 years old.

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