Unusual Chess Sets

Unusual Chess Sets

At Masters Traditional Games, we like to find things that are a bit special or unusual. With Chess, it is particularly easy to go and buy any old Chess set from a mundane high-street shop. Why do that, when we can send you something a lot more interesting?


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Three Player Chess Set - Hexagonal Chess for 3 Players

Large 3 player Chess  (pieces and board)

An interesting 3 player chess set. Played on an hexagonal board, with same rules as 2 player chess, three player chess will bend your mind...

Jester 10 x 10 Chess set

Jester 10 x 10 Chess set - Black/Natural in Leather Box

10 x 10 Jester Chess set, a fascinating version, increasing the complexity of the standard game, boxwood pieces including additional Jester pieces

Strato 3D Chess - Three Dimensional Chess

Strato 3D Chess - Three Dimensional Chess

Three dimensional Strato Chess in a steel frame. Pieces use traditional chess moves but can also move in 3D - up and down from board to board too.

Chess 4 - Four Player Chess

Chess 4 (Four Player Chess)

Chess for four players - the rules are the same but the game is dangerously different with alliances and joint attacks all possible.

Chaturanga Chess | 4 handed Chess from Ancient India


Chaturanga Chess, a different version of chess played using a die. From Ancient India. For 2, 3 or 4 players

Chinese Chess - Buy High Quality Standard & 3D Xiang Qi Sets

Xiang Qi Chinese Chess set with resin pieces

Chinese Chess Sets (Xiang Qi). Good selection of this fascinating chess game. Good quality Xiang Qi products backed up by our exceptional service.

Shogi - Japanese Chess | Quality Shogi Sets from Japan

Magnetic Shogi (Japanese Chess) Set - 25cm

Shogi or Japanese Chess sets, one of most complex of all traditional Chess variants. Reliable service, low prices and immediate dispatch.

Quadro Chess & Draughts - 4 player

Quadro Chess & Draughts - 4 player

Quadro Chess & Draughts allows for 4 players to play each game. Large size board with colourful playing pieces. Friendly service & immediate dispatch.


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