Lawn-friendly Giant Chessboard

Uber Lawn-friendly Giant ChessboardUber Lawn-friendly Giant Chessboard
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Lawn-friendly Giant Chessboard

  • Board consists of 64 hard plastic squares which connect together
  • Lattice structure allows air and light through so grass is not damaged as much
  • Very durable and robust
  • Take approximately 10 minutes to assemble
  • Ideal for Giant Chess Sets where King is 60cm high

Each lawn-friendly Chess board consists of 64 hard plastic squares which need to be connected together. The lattice structure of each plastic tile allows some air and light through to any grass underneath which means that it will not be hurt as much as a solid board.

The lawn-friendly Giant Chessboard durable and is also may be better for some surfaces that are a bit bumpy or uneven. Bear in mind that it takes 10 minutes or so to connect 64 plastic tiles together so this may not be the best solution where a swift set-up or clear-up is necessary. Although of course, when storing you can probably keep several tiles connected together to save time.

Each Chequerboard consists of 64 mesh plastic tiles, 32 black, 32 white and suits any chess pieces for which the king is around 2 feet (60cm high) or draughts / checker pieces around 25cm diameter.

Approximate Dimensions

Uber Lawn-friendly Giant Chessboard

Tiles 38 x 38cm. Total board 304 x 304cm

Tiles 15x15 inch. Total board 10x10 feet

Garden Games Giant Lawn-Friendly Chequerboard

Each square 35cm. Board 2.8 x 2.8m.

Each square 13.8 inch. Board 9.2x9.2 feet.

This game is showerproof and can be left outside overnight during summer months. However, it should be brought inside in extreme weather and should be stored in a dry place over winter.

Uber Lawn-friendly Giant Chessboard
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Garden Games Giant Lawn-Friendly Chequerboard
Price includes delivery for Eng/Wales/Lowlands.

Eng/Wales ETA: 3 working days

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115.75 (ex.VAT)

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