Giant Draughts / Checkers

Giant Draughts set (24 piece without board)Giant Draughts set (24 piece without board)
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Giant Draughts / Checkers

  • Giant outdoor Draughts set
  • Perfect for outdoor events and children's parties
  • Made from strong durable PVC material that is resistant to the elements
  • Each piece is 90mm high with base diameter of 255mm
  • Chequerboard not included

This outdoor version of draughts (Checkers) is a popular crowd draw and will bring a new dimension to any party or garden.

Garden draughts is eye-catching but is also designed to be played. The draughtsmen are made from a very strong and durable PVC material that is UV protected and completely waterproof. The pieces will withstand, for instance, average-sized people standing on them.

To make a King, two draughts are connected through their middles by a rod. The top of the rod then protrudes above the King and acts as a handle for moving it around.

The height of each piece is 90mm (3.5 inches) with a base diameter of 255mm (about 10 inches). It comes with 6 plastic rods for making kings. The weight of the complete set of 24 pieces is 10kg. The giant draughts come in a simple cardboard carton of dimension 750 x 450 x 450mm (approx. 2.5 x 1.5 x 1.5 feet). This can be used to store the checkers pieces - if you need to transport them regularly we would suggest applying Duct tape around the corners and edges of the box to provide additional support. Supplied without board.

See also: Giant Chequerboards.

Approximate Dimensions

Giant Draughts set (24 piece without board)

9cm high draughts with 25.5cm diameter base

3.5 inch high draughts with 10 inch diameter base

Uber Games Giant Draughts (without board)

25cm diameter, 9cm high

9.8 inch diameter, 3.5 inch high

Contains small parts. Unsuitable for children younger than 4 years old.

This game is showerproof and can be left outside overnight during summer months. However, it should be brought inside in extreme weather and should be stored in a dry place over winter.

Giant Draughts set (24 piece without board)
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Uber Games Giant Draughts (without board)
Price includes delivery for Eng/Wales/Lowlands.

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