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Giant Operating Table Game


Giant Operating Table Game

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Giant Operating Table

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  • Giant operating table / operation game
  • Ideal for events and hire companies
  • Customise and brand the table in your colours / with your logo
  • Voice programming available
  • A standout game to draw a crowd and generate interest
  • Made in Britain Made in Britain

Approx. Dimensions:

Case 50Kgs, 170 x 92 x 36cm. Height to edge of bed 84cm. Main bed 1.8 x 0.8m.
Case 110lb, 5ozs, 66.9x36.2x14.2 inch. Height to edge of bed 2.8 feet. Main bed 5.9x2.6 feet.

Our Giant Operating Table Game consists of an authentic fibreglass male patient who is awaiting an operation. It is similar to the classic table-top game but in a giant form! The unfortunate patient has ten individual cavities, positioned all over his body. Each cavity contains a body part - for example his 'Adam's Apple', 'Tennis Elbow' or 'Butterflies in his Tummy'.

This product is a robust item manufactured in Britain and suitable for events companies and corporate entertainment.

At the start of each game, the player has three lives, and every time the tweezers touch the patient's body, the player loses one of these lives. The game is started by simply pressing the patient's red nose, this starts the timer positioned on the patient's pillow.

Using the surgical tweezers provided, the player has to very carefully remove all (or as many as possible) of the ten body parts without allowing the tweezers to touch the patient's body.

The first time the player touches the patient's body they will hear a voice saying 'Ow be careful'. The second time the player touches the patient's body they will hear a voice saying ‘Touch that and I'll call my lawyer'. The third time the player touches the patient's body they will be greeted with the familiar distinctive sound of an ambulance siren.

There is a built-in timer, positioned on the patient's pillow, which records exactly how many seconds it has taken for the player to remove all ten body parts.

During each game the player will hear a heartbeat monitor, adding to the pressure of the operation!

The aim of the game is for the player to perform the operation and remove all ten body parts in less than 60 seconds, without using all three lives. The player who achieves this in the quickest time is the winner !

The game is operated from mains electricity and is suitable for use with British electricity supply. It can probably be used with overseas main supplies assuming the correct voltage adaptors are used but this is at purchaser's own risk. It can optionally also be run from a rechargeable battery power pack, where electricity is not available. The battery pack should give approximately 6 hours use before needing to be recharged - please email us for details.

The operation table is contained in a purpose built flight case and is supplied complete with folding legs which can be set-up by one person in less than 5 minutes. The main game is surrounded by a sheet that hangs down from the game edges to the floor on all four sides covering the legs.

Customers often wish to customise the game and this is possible in various ways. The game is made to order and so the bed, pillow and underpants can be painted different colours at no extra cost. The surrounding sheet can be a different colour and/or branded at extra cost. The audible phrases can be changed at extra cost. Customers can also specify logos or other images that can be made into stickers and stuck to any reasonably flat part of the game - again at extra cost.

The size and weight of the Giant Operation game is 1.7mtrs long x 0.9mtrs wide x 0.35mtrs depth. Weight is approx 50kgs. A good quality sack barrow is a good idea if the game needs to be moved around.

This game is for play indoors and outdoors but it is not weatherproof or showerproof (warranty may be void if game is exposed to damp or rain).

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