Garden Chequerboard / Mini-Giant

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Garden Chequerboard / Mini-Giant

A selection of good quality lawn friendly garden chequerboards, suitable for use with any of our Mini Giant Chess or Draughts Sets. The boards are made up of plastic lattice effect squares that connect together.

These boards are deemed lawn friendly as the lattice structure of each plastic tile allows some air and light through to any grass underneath which means that it will not be damaged as much as with solid board.

See also: FAQ - Painting a Giant Chequerboard on the ground.

Approximate Dimensions

Rolly Mini-Giant Lawn-friendly Chequerboard

150 x 150cm

4.9x4.9 feet

Uber Garden Chess Lawn Friendly Chequerboard

140 x 140cm

4.6x4.6 feet

This game is showerproof and can be left outside overnight during summer months. However, it should be brought inside in extreme weather and should be stored in a dry place over winter.

Rolly Mini-Giant Lawn-friendly Chequerboard
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96.58 (ex.VAT)

Uber Garden Chess Lawn Friendly Chequerboard

Eng/Wales ETA: 2 working days

Prod.Ref: 00H71K



36.66 (ex.VAT)

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