Branding Giant Games


Branding Giant Games

Branding and customising Giant Games is an increasingly popular request and we have good experience in customising your order. Whether it's adding a business name and logo to a game or personalising a birthday or anniversary gift with someone's name, we can advise the best method or, for a small fee, assist with the process of branding many of the Giant Games we have for sale.

The most popular games for branding and customisation are the 'Jenga' style Giant Tumble Towers and the Giant '4-In-a-Row' games – that require you to connect 4 disks to win.

Companies brand games for corporate gifts, promotions, team-building exercises or for other company events - the office Christmas party, for example. Having the business name clearly on show is an effective marketing tool that increases brand exposure and can help associate the business with the item it is displayed on – in this case, fun and games!

Events and hire companies can also benefit from branding and customisation by prominently displaying their business name and logo on the games that they hire out. Increasing your brand exposure in this way is a cost-effective and proven method of generating further business at events where the games are used. It ensures that lots of people at the event see your business name and know who to contact should they require something similar.

We have supplied many Giant Games fully branded to our customer's specification for businesses, events companies and schools around the world. No matter what your requirement is, our friendly team of experts are on hand to answer any questions and assist with any query that you may have. Below are examples of games that we have previously branded.

Up 4 It - Giant Four in a Row

Up 4 It - Giant Four in a Row

Both 'Up 4 It' and 'Mega 4 in a Line' giant garden games can be effectively branded using vinyl stickers. Bright, colourful stickers are an effective way to highlight your business, without detracting from the fun nature of the game.

Caution is required by applying the stickers onto the plastic frame as it is difficult to ensure that all air bubbles are thoroughly removed. If not, bubbles will show under the stickers and will detract from the overall appearance. We recommend the 'wet method' as the most effective for ensuring a perfect application. This involves wetting both the sticker and the surface and then putting the sticker in place and using a squeegee to gently push all the water out. As the water is pushed out from behind the sticker, it sticks to the surface with no air bubbles left behind.

The 'Up 4 It' has manufacturer stickers already in place so these will have to removed first. This can be quite fiddly and time consuming but with the use of special glue residue removing solutions, the process can be made easier. The 'Mega 4 in a Line' - and the other 'Giant 4 in a Row' games we have for sale - do not have pre-applied stickers so the process is quicker. Stickers can be applied to the leg or frame sections.

We are able to expertly apply stickers to the games and can also assist with the design process, if required – for an additional fee.

Giant Tower, Jenga, Tumble Tower

Giant Tower, Jenga, Tumble Tower

Our superb range of Giant Tumble Towers are always great fun for groups of varying ages and also look terrific when branded. We have experience of branding the Giant Tower games using both stamps and laser engraving.

Some Giant Tumble Towers already feature branded blocks from the manufacturer and so are not suitable. We recommend the 'Mega Hi-Tower' and 'Uber Giant Tumble Towers' as the most suitable for customisation.

Using a custom designed ink stamp is a cost-effective method of customising the individual blocks of the tower. Usually a web URL, business name or logo can be produced as a stamp in a range of sizes and then used to mark the blocks. Different colours of ink can be used to better match the colour scheme of your company or just to create a more vibrant, unique product. As stamping is done by hand, it is difficult to ensure that all the stamp marks are perfectly in line and uniform so slight discrepancies should be expected but in our experience, this does not greatly affect the overall look of the game.

A more thorough and professional method of branding is to opt for laser engraving. Simply supply us with an image containing your design - company name, web address, logo etc - and we will laser engrave this onto the individual blocks of the tower creating a truly professional looking product. This method is more expensive but the result should look better aligned and consistent than using an ink stamp. Please contact us if you are interested in a quote for laser engraving your Tumble Tower.

Giant Ball Drop Game

Giant Ball Drop Game

Another popular giant game that we can successfully brand is the Cannonball Drop / Ball Drop game. Like the Giant 4 in a row games, this can be effectively branded using vinyl stickers applied to the top section of the game.

With a plastic surface, the 'wet method' is best for the application of stickers as this successfully eliminates all air bubbles when done correctly. Step by step instructions and instructional videos can be found online or contact us for more advice.

We can expertly apply stickers to the game and can also assist with the design process for an additional cost.

These are just a few examples of the games that can be enhanced with branding and customisation. Other popular items are Football Tables and Pool tables - many of which look great personalised. We are always happy to give our expert advice so please contact us today to discuss your requirements.


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