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Table top games for schools


Table top games for schools

Here is a selection of games suitable for school use. Some are old favourites, such as Snakes and Ladders, whereas others you may not recognise. Either way, the games are well-made (no cheap plastic!) and therefore robust enough for children to use and enjoy.



The children's classic, which has its roots in the ancient Indian game of Pachisi or Chaupur

Snakes and Ladders

The children's classic race game. We have a range of different games, including a basic wooden version and a giant version where the players are the counters.


From £9.99

We have a range of Scrabble games, including Junior Scrabble which comprises two games for different ability levels.




Fast, frantic & lots of fun, Bananagrams is a word-race game that can be used as an enjoyable literacy learning aid.



Multi award winning puzzle game that tests spacial awareness and memory skills.


From £11.77

Strategy board game for 2 - 4 players, simple to learn with some complexity.


OPPI Piks Creative Construction Toy Kits

From £48.99

Construction toy to help develop creativity and imagination in children.

Sjoelbak - Dutch Shuffleboard

Lots of fun to play & good for simple mental arithmetic. Game may be shortened by only using 12 discs and 2 rounds per turn. The scoring principle is the same as the full game but with 12 discs the maximum score is 60 points.

Bagatelle Games

The precursor to Pin Ball. As well as being great fun to play, Bagatelle is also good for simple mental arithmetic.


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