Smite - Information for Schools

Smite - Information for Schools


Smite is based on the Cornish game of Molkky and was created by a couple of ex teachers in Cornwall. Smite is a great game for children and several schools in Cornwall, where the game has primarily been promoted, use it.

The Game

Smite involves 10 numbered pins arranged in a tight triangle. The players take turns to throw a wooden block (the Smiter) at the pins in order to knock them down. When multiple pins are knocked down they score 1 point per pin. If only one pin is knocked down, the player scores the number on the pin. The fallen pins are then picked up and placed where they fell which has the effect of opening up the game. The winner is the first to score exactly 50, which requires a fair amount of strategy- and aim!

School Use

Smite is ideal for use in schools, particularly in KS2. It requires a playing area of approximately 6m by 2m and can be played on a variety of surfaces, including grass and mats in the school hall. If the game is played indoors it can be made safer through use of a bean bag rather than a Smiter. A beanbag would also probably work better with young children.

Extra Ideas

Playing Smite already combines Mathematics and P.E skills. However, a further suggestion from Smite's creators involves using Smite in relays where pins are collected according to different criteria. (To do this you would need as many Smite sets as you have teams.) Criteria could involve fetching pins that, for example-

Show H T U, eg 327, going on to 4 or 5 digit numbers (the pins would need to be replaced in boxes showing correct place value)
Make the difference between two given numbers
Make the answer to multiplication or division sums
Make the largest number possible
Make the largest odd or even number possible
Make a given total- e.g. 21 using 3 pins
Or try giving each team the same 4/5/6 digit number written on a piece of paper face down. The first team to bring back that number in the correct order wins.

If you come up with any additional ideas, please let us know!

See also: Molkky.

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