COPAG Playing Cards

COPAG Playing Cards

COPAG is the well-known Brazilian manufacturer that produces some of the highest quality playing cards in the world. Made from 100% plastic, they will wear 100 times longer than regular paper cards.

COPAG cards will shuffle better and slide across the tables beautifully plus COPAG cards are resistant to bending and tearing. They should always spring back to their original shape - the integrity of these cards should never be compromised under regular gaming conditions.

See also: Comparison of Playing Card Sizes and index types.


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COPAG Texas Hold'em 100% plastic poker cards (wide, peek index)

2 decks of COPAG Texas Hold-em 100% plastic poker cards

COPAG Texas Hold'em 100% plastic playing cards - wide (poker) style format with peek indexes. High quality and extremely durable - perfect for poker

COPAG 100% plastic poker cards (wide, jumbo index)

2 decks of COPAG 100% plastic poker cards (jumbo index)

From COPAG, 100% quality plastic poker playing cards with a super-index. Wide-style poker format with 2 pips - jumbo style.


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