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  • Rummy box set comprising two packs of high quality playing cards
  • Three extra jokers and a rules booklet included
  • Classic card game of skill
  • Manufactured in Austria

Rummy is a classic card game, usually played with 2 - 4 players. This pack contains two decks of good quality playing cards, manufactured in Austria.

Rummy is a good game of skill where the aim is to be the first to dispose of all your cards by forming 'melds' through picking up and discarding cards. 'Melds' consist of sets - three or four of a kind of the same rank - or runs - three or more cards in sequence, of the same suit.

The winner is the first player to accumulate the highest number of points, or the last player to remain in the game without being eliminated by exceeding the elimination target score.

See also: Rummikub - Tile Rummy / Rummi.

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