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Lawn Bowls Equipment


Lawn Bowls Equipment

Drakes Pride are the longest established English bowls manufacturer and are still the leading supplier of quality bowling equipment in the World.

Here you will find a superb selection of Drakes Pride Lawn Bows equipment, from their phenomenally successful and popular Bowls to other accessories such as Jacks, Footmats, Bowling aids and much more.

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Lawn Bowls

Drakes Pride Professional Bowls

From £213.90

Classic, hugely popular Bowls for both indoor and outdoor play.

Drakes Pride Pro-50 Bowls - Black, Brown or Coloured

From £213.90

Identical to the Professional model, but with the new innovative Channel Grip.

Drakes Pride Jazz Bowls

From £239.90

Pedigree of Professional Bowls with a stronger bias for short-mat & outdoor greens.


Drakes Pride XP Bowls (extra bias)

From £213.90

The solid balance of Professional Bowls + extra XP bias for outdoor greens and Short-Mat.

Drakes Pride D-tec Bowls

From £239.90

Bias on the inside of the Professional model

Drakes Pride Fineline Bowls

From £239.90

Bowls biased between the Professional and the Advantage - for outdoor and indoor rinks


Drakes Pride Mini-Professional


Version of the versatile Professional bowls for the smaller hand.


Lawn Bowls Equipment


Related Products

Drakes Pride Jazz Bowls - Outdoor extra-biased lawn bowls

Drakes Pride Jazz bowls (Black, Gripped, Heavyweight, set of 4)

Drakes Pride Heavyweight Jazz Outdoor Lawn Bowls, gripped, in black, brown or bright colours. Choice of sizes. Sets of 4.

Drakes Pride Professional Bowls | Choose Colour, Size & Weight

Drakes Pride Professional bowls (set of 4, gripped, black)

Drakes Pride Professional Bowls. Gripped & in sets of 4 - black, brown or bright colours. Available in a range of weights & sizes. Low prices / top service.

Drakes Pride Fineline Bowls. Quality heavyweight Fine Line bowls

Drakes Pride Fineline bowls (set of 4, gripped, black, heavyweight)

Drakes Pride Fineline Heavyweight Lawn Bowls, with 'balanced arc sole shape' to create a very stable bowl, gripped, black, brown or bright colours

Drakes Pride Junior Professional Bowls

Drakes Pride Professional Junior Bowls (set of 4)

Drakes Pride Professional Junior Bowls in a smaller size, 107mm dia (smaller than a size 00). Sets of 4, choice of 4 colours, cannot be engraved.

Drakes Pride XP Bowls. Lawn Bowls with extra bias

Drakes Pride XP bowls (set of 4, gripped, heavyweight, black)

Drakes Pride Heavyweight XP Outdoor Lawn Bowls, gripped, in black, brown or bright colours. Choice of sizes. Sets of 4.

Drakes Pride D-tec Bowls | Ideal Indoor Bowl

Drakes Pride D-tec Bowls (set of 4, heavyweight, gripped, black)

Drakes Pride's D-tec model features a bias strength on the inside of the Professional model with a smooth flat finish - ideal indoor bowl.

Drakes Pride Pro-50 Bowls - With New Channel Grip

Drakes Pride Pro-50 Bowls - set of 4, black or brown

New Pro-50 bowls by Drakes Pride. Identical to the Professional model but with the deeper Channel Grip innovation. Low prices / top service.

Drakes Pride Standard Outdoor Lawn Bowls Jacks

Standard Outdoor Yellow Lawn Bowls Jack (63-64mm, approx. 266g)

Drakes Pride Standard Outdoor Lawn Bowls Jack 63-64mm, approx. 266g, available in a set of six or singularly, in yellow or white

Bowls Lifter, Arms & Walking Stick. Buy Disabled Bowls Equipment

Bowlers Folding Walking Stick

Aids for disabled/elderly players. Lawn Bowling Arm in 4 sizes. Bowls & Jack lifters 2 versions available. Folding walking stick with a wide base.

Rink Accessories for Lawn Bowls & Crown Green Bowls

Official Drakes Pride Umpires Kit in Attache Case

Accessories for Lawn Bowls rinks - Bowls gatherers, scoreframes and scoreboards, bowls foot mats, rink protectors etc.

Bowls Polishing Kit

Bowls Polishing Kit

Bowls Polishing Kit, includes Grip Tight Bowls Wax & Polish, polishing sleeveBowls Sheen cleaning compound & 4 Bowls Identification Markers

Drakes Pride Supalock 9 feet Bowls Measures

Drakes Pride Supalock 9 feet string measure with calipers and belt clip. Colour: Green

Drakes Pride Bowls Measures, Supalock a 9 feet string measure, has calipers & belt clip, red, navy, blue, green, pink or blue.

Bowls Target Mat by Drakes Pride

Target Bowls Diamond Mat (4 x 4 feet)

Reinforced vinyl, 4 foot square Bowls Target Mat, for practice or target competitions. Also popular at fund-raising events/fairs. In Sets of 2, 6 & 12

Lawn Bowls related Gifts, Presents & Presentation Packs

Clock set into a Lignum Vitae Bowl

Gifts and Presents relating to the sport of Bowls. Including Drakes Pride bowls Gift Packs and novelty bowls gifts

Drakes Pride Bowls Footmats & Footers

Regulation Bowls Foot Mats (pair, black with white border)

From Drakes Pride, robust, rubber, regulation Lawn and Crown Green bowls mats / footers. Range of colours available. Low prices & quick dispatch.

Bowls Bags - Carriers for Lawn Bowls & Crown Green Bowls

Bowls Bags

A range of quality bowls bags, bowls carriers and bowls trolley bags for Lawn Bowls, Indoor Bowls & Crown Green bowls, all at low prices.


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