Twister & Get Knotted


Twister & Get Knotted

Twister is the classic floor game. Each turn, the idea is to spin the wheel and move a hand or foot to the coloured spots indicated. After a while, each player's limbs inevitably get tangled up with themselves and other players leading to a riotous situation every time. Eventually the contortions are too much and players fall over and are out - last one left on the mat wins!

Produced by Hasbro, the corporate games giant, Twister is is often perceived as just a children's game but it's great fun in lots of other situations such as an ice-breaker game at a social gathering or at the office party! Get Knotted is a similar game but even larger - a giant version with some additional rules for extra fun.


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Get Knotted - Giant Twister Game

Get Knotted

Get Knotted - an old party favourite in giant size producing whole troops of entangled people! With inflatable dice & pegs to secure the 3mx3m board

Twister Game | Buy Twister Party Game


Get yourself tangled up in everyone's favourite ice breaker, Twister. The classic party game is guaranteed to entertain and amuse all ages.

Twister - Retro Edition

Twister - Retro Edition

Twister - the game that ties you in knots - retro style! A lovingly designed Twister game based on the original version first released in the 1960s.

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Large Criss-Cross Floor Game - 1 metre mat

A large size Criss Cross floor game that puts your balance to the test. Similar to Twister & Get Knotted, the game features a giant 1 metre playing mat.


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