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Bat and Trap


Bat and Trap

Bat and Trap is a team game with eight players on each side. The "trap" is a rectangular mechanical device that lies on the ground. The batsmen knocks a lever in the trap that shoots a hard rubber ball upwards in front of the batsmen who then smashes it with the bat towards the other side of the pitch. Normally, the ball bounces once or twice before doing this and is fielded by a member of the opposing side who stand in a line just behind and between the posts. However, in the rare case where a fielder catches the ball without it having touched the ground or the the batsman misses the target area, the batsman is out.

Once the a fielder has the ball in hand, the bowling part of the game proceeds. The bowler has as a target the front part of the trap, which is a 5 inches square rectangular flap hinged at the bottom and standing vertically. A bowler from the fielding side throws or rolls the ball down the pitch at the trap target which is called a "wicket" and the batsman cannot obstruct the ball in any way. If the wicket is knocked down, the batsman is "bowled out" and the next batsman steps up. If the bowler misses, then the batsman has scored a run and carries on with the next strike.


Knur and Spell
Knur and Spell is one name for a whole family of traditional games whereby players attempt to hit an object as hard as they damn well can (or otherwise swear violently when they miss!).

The Knur, a hard ball, is propelled vertically into the air by a "Spell" or "Trap", a mechanical device that is tripped when a foot or club presses a lever (like the Trap in Bat and Trap). The player then takes an almighty swing at it and the player who hits it the furthest is the winner and must buy the next round... (or perhaps wins the prize at the end of the village fete).

History of Bat and Trap

The game of Bat and Trap is something of a Kent tradition and it is believed that the ancestor of Bat & Trap, which is clearly related to Cricket, was first played in the 14th century. The Beverlie Inn opened for business in the 1740's, and it has records of the game being played there since it opened.

Read lots more about ancient bat and ball games from the Online Guide to Traditional Games.

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