Pub Skittles

Pub Skittles

We take great pride in being able to offer a full spectrum of full-size skittle pins and balls for the genuine Pub skittles game. We have all sizes and styles of skittle pins and balls to suit the different skittle regions in England and Wales as well as portable skittle alleys and skittle scoreboards. We can therefore cater for the requirements of almost all pubs, skittle teams and leagues across Britain.


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Buy nine pin Skittles - Gloucester style

Set of 9 Gloucester skittle pins - 4.5 inch laminated Rubberwood

Buy nine pin Gloucester style skittles. Set of Gloucestershire barrel pins with consistent curve in various woods and formats.

Buy nine pin Bristol style skittles

Set of 9 Bristol skittle pins - 4.5 inch laminated Rubberwood

Buy nine pin Bristol style skittles. Set of Bristol pins with a bulbous middle in various woods and formats.

Buy Nine Pin Devon / Somerset Skittles

Set of 8 Somerset / Devon skittle pins + kingpin (laminated Rubberwood)

Buy nine pin Devon / Somerset style skittles. Set of large, 12 inch Devonshire pins available with or without the Kingpin.

Buy Nine Pin Welsh Glamorgan style skittles

9 Welsh Glamorgan style laminated rubberwood pins - 10 inch

Buy nine pin Welsh Glamorgan skittles. Set of Welsh style pins in various woods and formats. Excellent quality wooden Skittle pins and equipment.

Buy ten 10 pin mini bottle style skittles

Set of 10 Mini Bottle Style Skittle pins - Rubberwood

Buy ten pin bottle style mini skittles. A set of 10 wooden skittle pins in a non-traditional bottle shape.

Nine pin pub / league skittles scoreboard

Skittles Scoreboard

Nine pin skittles scoreboard - blackboard with screen-printed grid & chalk tray. For Home and Away teams

Skittle balls - wood, resin and hard rubber skittle balls

3 black phenolic resin skittle balls - 4 inch

Buy nine pin skittle balls. We offer Skittle balls that are made from hard pink rubber, phenolic resin and beech wood.

Portable Skittle Alleys - For Children & Full League Spec

A range of portable skittles alleys from Children's skittle alleys to full league specification skittle alleys with ball returns.

Table Skittles - Bar Skittles - Devil Amongst the Tailors

Hand-made Oak League-size Bar Skittles (table skittles)

Range of high quality hand-made Table Skittles for pubs and coinnosseurs & smaller Bar Skittles for the home and family. Spare parts also available

Buy Northamptonshire Table Skittles

Set of 9 Boxwood skittle pins - Northamptonshire style

Buy Northamptonshire Table Skittles, also known as Hood Skittles. Buy quality pins, cheeses and skittle tables.


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