Hand-made Oak Bagatelle with bells & cue

Hand-made Oak Bagatelle with bells & cue

Hand-made Oak Bagatelle game with bells and cueHand-made Oak Bagatelle game with bells and cue
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Hand-made Oak Bagatelle game with bells and cue

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  • Stunning solid Oak pin bagatelle game with bells and a cue
  • Hand-made in Britain by a traditional English craftsman
  • Comes with wooden prop to tilt the game at the correct angle
  • Beautiful solid Oak finish with stainless steel balls that won't rust
  • Family heirloom that will be passed down the family for generations

Made in Britain

A stunning old style pin bagatelle game hand-made in England by a traditional craftsman. Made from real Oakwood with a full thickness border and featuring bells that ring when the balls go into particular scoring areas.

Pins are made from solid brass except for the prime pin which is sprung steel for extra bounce. There are two compartments at the bottom of the game - one for storing the wooden prop and the other for storing the balls that are solid steel ball bearings.

The game is beautifully made with a solid Oak finish. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first time that anyone has manufactured a Bagatelle board with ringing bells for many decades so it's a great chance to obtain a unique and special version of the game. The evocative sound of the balls bouncing on the pins and then satisfyingly dinging the bell is a treat indeed.

A wooden prop is also provided that fits into the underside to tilt the game at the correct angle. Below the storage for the prop and balls are two scoreboards to keep track of the scores.

The version of the Bagatelle board that features a cue is the older form of the game. The cue is nicely turned to fit in the ball channel and is used to push the balls deftly into the playing area. The clever but straightforward design allows the balls to be easily pushed into the ball channel, ready for launching.

We recommend the Bagatelle with cue for smaller children. The plunger version uses a strong spring and younger children would struggle to work it.

Contains small parts. Not suitable for children under 3 years.

Approx. Dimensions:

815 x 410 x 50mm
32.1x16.1x2 inch


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