Four in a Row Games

Four in a Row Games

The classic game of 'Four In A Row', (or 4 In A Line or Connect 4), that has been enjoyed by children and adults for centuries. A game that is simple to learn but can require deep thought. We have some interesting versions of Four in a Row for your delectation.

During his long sea voyages, Captain Cook was apparently often absent of an evening and eventually the crew began to joke that he must have a mistress in his cabin. When they discovered that the Captain had simply been playing this game with the ship's scientists, the game was christened 'The Captain's Mistress'!

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Jaques Master Score 4

Jaques Master Score 4

Jaques Master Score 4 is also known as Captain's Mistress. Comes with an original natural wood finish & 36 beautifully finished wooden discs.

Captain's Mistress Game

The Captain's Mistress

Be first to put four balls in a rows. The Captain's Mistress game is attractively finished with brass catches that folds into a cabinet for storage

Travel Captain's Mistress Game

Travel Captain's Mistress

Mini version of The Captain's Mistress Game for travel. Nice quality miniature version of four in a row. Immediate dispatch, reliable service

Raya - Contemporary Four in a Row game / Connect 4

Contemporary Four in a Row game

This stylish contemporary Four in a Row Game (connect 4) makes an great gift and would serve as an attractive talking point in any home.

Quarto - Gigamic Strategy Board Game

Quarto Classic

A great strategy game from Gigamic games, Quarto is similar to four in a row but with added complexity. Great price, quick dispatch and unrivalled service.

Quixo - Gigamic Strategy Board Game

Quixo Classic

A brilliant game of strategy that really gets you thinking. Quixo is akin to noughts and crosses but with lots more complexity. Low prices & quick dispatch.

Connect 4 | Original Four in a Row Game

Connect 4 - Original

The original Connect 4 game. Get four of your discs in a row to win. Two player game for ages 6+. Quick dispatch, friendly service.

3D Four in a Row - Wooden 4 in a Line Game

3D Four In A Row

A 3D Four in A Row game played on four levels. Try to connect 4 pieces to win in any direction, even upwards. Nice wooden construction and lots of fun.


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