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Reconditioned Skittles Table

The following picture is from a different table but is similar to the table in question.

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Here is a wonderful old Black's Skittles table for the play of Northamptonshire Table Skittles, sometimes known as Hood Skittles.

The table is in excellent condition considering its age and history, having been skillfully reconditioned for re-sale.

If this table were made new today, the cost would be around £1900 incl. VAT. This table is being offered for:

SOLD 2012.

We believe that Blacks refurbished and re-covered the table themselves in 1966.

The primary work that has been done on the table to refurbish it in 2011 is as follows:

  • New back net
  • New carpet protection at rear skittle trough
  • Renewed playing surface
  • Damaged front leg has been made good
  • 2 coats of suitable stain finish

The front and the side cushions have not been replaced as these are in good playable condition.

The Skittles table comes with some very worn pins and cheeses but these have little value and interested parties may wish to purchase some new Northamptonshire pins and cheeses to go with the table.

Delivery is not included in the price but we can arrange to deliver at additional cost. It is even possible to crate one up for delivery to Scotland or overseas. Email us with your full address for a quote.

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