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Pinckard Northamptonshire Skittles Table


Pinckard Northamptonshire Skittles Table

A Northamptonshire skittles table in good used condition.

SOLD: November 2014

The table is similar to a Black's table. The playing dimensions (width of table, skiittle diamond, distance from front of table to first pin) are all exactly the same as a Blacks table but the area for catching the cheeses and pins behind the skittle diamond is shorter. This makes no difference to game play and for many people will be an advantage because the table is more compact and so will take a little less floor space.

The table has a Pinckard tag at the front - Pinckard used to repair tables and did make a few so our best guess is that this is indeed a table made by Pinckard. Is it of a similar robustness to Pepper and Blacks table and is designed to last.

The table has seen quite a few games but is in good working condition. The leather sides, playing surface and woodwork are all in good used condition without any significant defects. The leather backdrop is looking old but appears to still be strong and is working fine. The net frame is solid but the net itself has seen better days - if there is one thing that the table could do with, it is a new net. None-the-less, the net has only a few minor holes and is doing the job so there is nothing to stop the table being used immediately.

The table is supplied with plastic pins and cheeses - but came with one pin missing. We have replaced this with a similar plastic pin of the same weight and look. The replacement pin can be picked out as slightly different as it's a marginally different shade and has a slightly more rounded tip - we don't believe it will make any difference to gameplay but if this is of concern, wooden pins and cheeses can be bought from Masters Games.

The table can be viewed and or collected from our HQ in St. Albans in Hertfordshire. We may be able to arrange a delivery by a man in a van service if required at extra cost.

For more information, please email or ring Masters Traditional Games.

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