Masters Traditional Games is a small enterprise with a low turnover. None-the-less, we are financially secure and take pride in being able to offer genuine personal customer service, something larger companies cannot match. Additionally, we are able to cut costs and react quickly by being an Internet-only company. The following are some example comments* that have been received from customers.

* Whole sentences have been lifted directly from emails received and have not been edited. All were received without solicitation.

Bill Uhrich, USA - December 2000 (Ebony/Boxwood Staunton Chess set)

I received the Jaques Staunton chess set yesterday. It arrived in perfect shape and is a wonderful set. Thanks for your great service and for answering my questions.

Anthony Gamage, Canada - December 2000 (Mahogany Shove Ha'penny with brass lifts)

My game was received on the 27th. excellent service. many thanks.

Mike Gazey, UK - December 2000 (Backgammon)

We were surprised and delighted that our backgammon set arrived today, only having ordered it on Monday night and half expecting to have to wait until after Christmas. The quality is excellent, as your web site described, and we look forward to using it after formally taking delivery from Santa! Thanks for your excellent service.

Anita Skyrme, UK - December 2000 (Backgammon)

Its beautiful and thank you very much for your attention - I'd be happy to recommend your service (and product) to anyone!

Françoise and Michael May, Luxembourg - Nov/Dec 2000 (Table Skittles & Bagatelle)

Thank you very much - the table skittles have arrived safely and I am delighted! I am very pleased to have found you and your products! Excellent service - may you continue to prosper!

Dave Lovelady, Wales - November 2000 (Slate Shove ha'penny board)

The party is now over and hangovers are being nursed, the board was a great success and was being played until 3am.

Deidre Dixon, USA - October 2000 (Sjoelbak)

I received it early last week, and we are very pleased with the quality of the sjoelbak. Thank you very much for your personal attention!

Victoria Brindley, USA - September 2000 (Lewis Chessmen)

We have rec'd the order and are very happy with it. Thank you, Victoria

Liz Broadhurst, UK - September 2000 (Giant Chess)

Everything arrived satisfactorily. It was just what we were looking for. Thanks Liz Broadhurst

Terry Rands, UK - September 2000 (Sjoelbak)

Thank you for your updates which have been most helpful and reassuring. This is the first time we have ordered anything online and we have been very impressed with the way you treat customers. Actually it was a wedding anniversary present for my wife and she is delighted with it.

Martin Housley, UK - July 2000 (Oak inlaid Backgammon)

In fact my son-in-law received the set before I received your message - but many thanks for keeping me up-to-date. He is really pleased with it and thinks it is a really nice set, although he hasn't tried it out yet

Scott Swimley, UK - June 2000 (Mahogany Shove Ha'penny board with lifts)

outstanding! thank you very much.

Dr. Roy Lea, UK - April 2000 (Mahogany Shove Ha'penny board with lifts)

I'm pleased to say that it arrived promptly on the Wednesday and the recipient was very pleased with it. Thank you for efficiently providing such a quality item, and I look forward to using your service again in the future.

Tyler Potterfield, USA - Jan 2000 (Steel Quoits)

Thank you very much. Quoits were received on the 14th. Highly Satisfactory. Thank you very much again.

Dr. Tom Clarke, USA - May 1999 (Table Skittles)

I sincerely appreciate your prompt and thorough explanation of your credit card policy. If all companies behaved in your mode of operation, the interest rate and charges would certainly diminish. I thank you.....Again, I must commend you on the fine operation that you supervise. Just wish 'We Colonists' could learn from you.

Brigette Robbins, UK, August 1999 (Table Skittles)

Just a short note to say thank you for all your help. My father-in-law received the table skittles yesterday morning, 11 August '99, and was delighted with it.

*Whole sentences have been lifted directly from emails received and have not been edited. All were received without solicitation.
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