Masters Traditional Games is a small enterprise with a low turnover. None-the-less, we are financially secure and take pride in being able to offer genuine personal customer service, something larger companies cannot match. Additionally, we are able to cut costs and react quickly by being an Internet-only company. The following are some example comments* that have been received from customers.

* Whole sentences have been lifted directly from emails received and have not been edited. All were received without solicitation.

Cathy Sear, Czech Republic (Giant Tower) - Dec 2004

Just to let you know that the game arrived very quickly. It has since been wrapped , unwrapped and played with. Thankyou very much for your excellent service and product I shall recommend your web site to my friends.

Paul Millard, UK (Table skittles) - Dec 2004

Many thanks for all your help. I look forward to buying from your company again, and will not hesitate to sing your praises to all my friends and relatives on the quality items you sell, and the excellent level of service you provide.

Richard Woodhams, Japan (Walnut & Sycamore Board with Draughts set and Hand Made Ludo) - Dec 2004

It is perfect. I really appreciate all your effort and support at Masters and will be recommending you to others here in Japan.

Catriona Patel, UK (Hand-built Mahogany Master Games Compendium) - Dec 2004

It arrived safely this afternoon and looks great - my brother is going to love it!

John Dunkley, UK (Go set) - Nov 2004

The goods have arrived safely and in good condition. I am very pleased with the quality and very satisfied.

Juliana Lehigh, USA (Table skittles) - Nov 2004

Hello James we received our order and my husband has been inviting friends over for endless games of table skittles he is haveing alot of fun with it. I have also forwarded your info to a few friends in the San Francisco area who have been trying to locate these exact type of games! Thanks for the excellent customer service I look forward to doing business with you again in the future.

Antonio Marchione, UK (Home Table Skittles) - Oct 2004

The table skittles have been played with great enthusiasm by all Many thanks for your prompt service.

Sophy Shaw, UK (Roly Giant Chess Set) - Oct 2004

I'd also like to say that I'm very pleased with your prompt and professional service.

Bertrand Lienafa, UK (Hand Made Nine Mens Morris) - Sep 2004

I received the game last Friday and I must admit it was worth the wait, the finish is fantastic.

Javier Vallejo Bozal, Spain (Orig. Staunton Fischer/Spassky chess set, 20 inch Walnut & Sycamore Board) - Sep 2004

Both, the chess set and the board, are in perfect condition. Thank you very much for your kindness and fast service.

Caspar Gregers Jensen, Denmark (4 X Jaques Oxford English Ash mallet) - Aug 2004

Took the mallets for an immediate test drive, they are VERY nice. Thank You for the good service

Rachel Millar, UK (Jaques Oxford Croquet Set) - Aug 2004

Thoroughly delighted with our croquet set - it arrived mid week in time for my husband's birthday and we have been playing hard all day! I will definitely use your site again for future gifts.

Deb Brocket, USA (Rope Quoits) - July 2004

It is very uplifting to deal with a business that cares enough about their customers that they follow-up with personal contact. Thank you. I will spread the word about the wonderful service and product I received from you!

Bashar Tamimi, United Arab Emirates (2 x Giant Chess sets with board, 2 Giant Snakes & Ladders) - July 2004

It's a our pleasure dealing with yourselves, and we appreciate your professional service.

Arlindo Vieira, Portugal (23 " Chessboard) - June 2004

Again, I was surprised with your's company service! Information, Kindness, Class in contact with buyer, and above all : "humbleness" in acepting the "critics" of little errors, in some aspects of information in the site! That, is...greatness in a Web seller! As a chess colector, and Latin-America Chess forum moderator in Web ( Luso Xadrez-Yahoo), be sure that i will make my best to talk good about Master Games, and above all, recomend yours Web shop, because I'm very happy with the way that you make business!

I don't believe what my eyes have seen! An extraordinary packing, whit security, solidity, wonderfull service! When I saw the packing, my first looking is that was a "table"! Gorgeous packing! Never in web trading I saw that marvellous sort of packing! The Jaques walnut and sycamore Chessboard (6,3 cm squares) is a remarkable replica of the 19th century design! Yes! A formidable modern replica, with beautiful workmanship. A beautiful, beautiful chessboard! One of the best, if not the best chessboard in the market! So different of that veneered chessboards, that are very hugly, like mirrors, that when a player look to them with the pieces, he saw "two pieces", because of that stupid shinning, that duplicate the chessman. And some of that " sheetboards" costs 100, 200, 300, and more USD! No, like a chess collector, I know the quality, and the superb finishing, and the marvellous simplicity-efficiency of that chessboard! Thanks to Master Games, because the service, the attention, and the CLASS, are a true impressive sign of great Company, and formidable one in Web trading! I will tell good of Master Games in Portugal, and be sure that I will be a future costumer!

JE Harriman, UK (Giant Snakes & Ladders) - May 2004

Thank you for your excellent service.

Philip Yeaman, UK (Home Table skittles, Indoor Quoits, Giant Dominoes ) - Apr 2004

Thanks for your prompt service. I am very pleased with the quality of my products.

Bob Barker, UK (Premier Giant Toppling Bricks, Giant Ludo, Giant Dominoes, Hand made Oak Table Skittles, Jaques Carpet Bowls) - Apr 2004

Thanks for caring to check that the order was delivered. In fact it was delivered the next day after ordering, which was brilliant. I would have no problems recommending you too anyone.

Carol Mottet, Switzerland (Giant Dominoes) - Mar 2004

I'm fully satisfied with the material, and I congratulate you on the website which gives an *accurate* virtual idea of the physical equipment - by far not always the case when shoping online!

Gail Maman, USA (Hand Made Ludo) - Feb 2004

The game was beautiful and made a perfect gift.

Tobias Van Bladen, Belgium (Linden wood Go Bowls, Glass Go Stones, Goban (36mm)) - Feb 2004

Everything arrived perfectly! Thanks again for the wonderful service!

Clive Yeadon, UK (Eclipse Card Table) - Jan 2004

The table has been delivered, and the recipients of the gift are extremely pleased with it. Thank you for your kind assistance and excellent service.

Duane Jones, USA (Sailors Dice Box) - Jan 2004

The Sailor's Dice Box was received in wonderful condition and in a timely manner. Thank you for your correspondence and efficiency in the handling of this product. Will highly recommend your business to others!

*Whole sentences have been lifted directly from emails received and have not been edited. All were received without solicitation.
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