Masters Traditional Games is a small enterprise with a low turnover. None-the-less, we are financially secure and take pride in being able to offer genuine personal customer service, something larger companies cannot match. Additionally, we are able to cut costs and react quickly by being an Internet-only company. The following are some example comments* that have been received from customers.

* Whole sentences have been lifted directly from emails received and have not been edited. All were received without solicitation.

Richard Gibson, UK (Hand Made Cribbage Box - Walnut Burr top) - December 2006

I just wanted to thank you for the brilliant service and delivery of a lovely backgammon set to me here in Switzerland. It arrived so quickly and safely and the gentleman who I spoke to in the office to place the order was refreshingly efficient and polite.

Mitzi Knoflach, Switzerland (Dal Negro Black Leather Backgammon Case) - December 2006

It is absolutely wonderful - a gift for my mother who used to be a local Cribbage champion. The workmanship is superb. A lifetime gift.

Barton Guthrie, UK (Backgammon - Oak faced with inlaid points) - December 2006

Exceptionally pleased with all of your on-line ordering procedures, incl. follow-ups. A swift turnaround too. All-in-all, an excellent benchmark.

Sarah Hopkins, Scotland (Mahogany Shove Ha'penny board) - November 2006

I have just taken delivery of the replacement board. It is of a far superior finish to the first one and eminently fit for purpose. Thank you very much for your intervention - you now have one very satisfied customer.

Alison Warner, UK (Hand Made Uckers Game, Solid Oak Box for hand-made board games) - November 2006

We received the box and board yesterday - and it is simply the most attractive and well made piece of games furniture we have ever seen - it beautiful and fantastic - it exceeds our expectation! Thank you so much - Simon is thrilled and it will certainly be used frequently and for a very long time - thank you for deciding to make a run of them. I hope you've had several orders for them as they are even better than the pictures illustrate - a wonderful tactile board any Royal Navy player would be overjoyed with.

Anna McConnell, UK (Eclipse Card Table - October 2006

My order of a bridge card table has arrived safely and in good time. I am delighted with your table and thank you for your efficiency of service.

Susan Burdette, USA (Xiang Qi set (4.2cm King)) - October 2006

The game arrived in excellent condition a couple days after I placed the order and several days BEFORE I received an order that I placed with a USA company on the same night! I have told many people how efficient your company is and how impressed I was with the confirmation and whole experience.

Philip Burston, USA (Hand Made Nine Mens Morris Game) - September 2006

I am very pleased with the exquisite board!

Philip Burston, USA (Hand Made Nine Mens Morris Game) - September 2006

I am very pleased with the exquisite board!

Tina Hughes, Northern Ireland (Indoor Quoits board with 4 quoits 2 X Set of 4 Evesham quoits) - September 2006

Thank you for your swift attention and brilliant service. Hope to deal with you again.

Peter Macdonald Eaton, Germany (Hand Made Cribbage Box) - August 2006

No, I'm absolutely delighted - I just have to get my German neighbours away from Skibo - that shouldn't take long. The box is super I must say well done! May get some orders before Xmas I think.

Graeme McGrathi, UK (Bamboo & Bone Mah Jong set) - July 2006

Thank you so much for your prompt service. The beautiful set arrived intact and undamaged, and the case still smells of the varnish! I am really pleased, and having such a lovely set will push me into learning how to play Mah Jong properly!

Aristidis Mytarasi, Greece (Oware game from Ghana (Gye Nyame motif)) - July 2006

I had been away for a week, so I just received my order today. everything is fine, and the board is wonderful.

Andy Reszczynski USA (Bar Billiards table with Clock mechanism - June 2006

Table delivered, set up, positioned and played on. Thanx, a beautiful restoration job.

John Bergeron, USA (Pack 6 spare disks for Giant Connect 4 (3 of each colour) Giant Pick up Sticks Premier Giant Dominoes Giant Draughts set (24 piece without board) Giant Connect 4 ) - June 2006

Everything has arrived and was in perfect condition. Our campers have enjoyed playing all the games, especially the connect four game.

Michael Geer, Australia (Mahogany veneer Shove Ha'penny board ) - May 2006

I have received my order and I wanted to say thankyou for your very prompt delivery and excellent packaging which ensured the safe arrival of my board. The board is a gift for my English born Mum, Aunts and Uncles who grew up playing the game but haven't played or seen a board since they came to Australia almost 50 years ago. Thanks again for your excellent customer service.

Michael Geer, UAE (Double 12 Dominoes (Inlaid Oak Burr Cribbage Board) - May 2006

I received my order yesterday (1 inlaid oak Burr Cribbage board) and would like to thank you for an excellent service. the postage time to the UAE was less than a week, and the board is of very good quality.

Perry Hood, USA (Double 12 Dominoes (coloured pips, Mexican train)) - Apr 2006

In fact, our order arrived over a week ago, much to our surprise at how short a time it took. Moreover, we are very pleased with the domino set, as it meets our expectations entirely.

Nancy Fowkes, Australia (Senet) - Apr 2006

Just to say a word of thanks about your excellent service. the game Senet order no 6367 arrived safely today via Australia Post to my door.

Roger Coleman, USA (Set Drakes Pride Professional Plus bowls) - Mar 2006

My order was received very timely with no package shipment problems. Thank you. I am now the envy of my Sunnyvale Lawn Bowls Club with new Drakes Pride bowls. They are performing very well. Pleasure doing business with you.

Clive Noak, UK (Hand-built Mahogany Master Games Compendium) - Mar 2006

All received and we are very impressed with the quality.

Ian Chapman, UK (Hand Made Cribbage Box - Walnut Burr top) - Feb 2006

Order has been received. And just wanted to say I am delighted with the cribbage board. It is a beautiful piece of work and a joy to play.

Kevin Kenz, USA (Indoor Quoits board with 4 quoits, Mahogany veneer Shove Ha'penny board, Set of 5 old English ha'pennies) - Feb 2006

Just a note to let you know the package arrived today and everything is 100% perfect. We even managed a few games of Quoits this evening! Thanks much for the speedy service, excellent packaging, and the nice products.

Melanie Buchanan, UK (Chestnut and Oak sjoelbak board ) - Jan 2006

Just a quick note to say thank you so much for our beautiful sjoelbak board, it arrived a couple of days ago and we're absolutley delighted with it! Beautifully made, and a real pleasure to use.

Michel Ceuterick, Spain (Jaques Association Croquet Set) - Jan 2006

YES, the parcel and its contents have safely arrived and I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your ongoing worrying about this. It speaks for itself that such class in business is exremeley comforting. You will certainly hear further from me

Gail Henderson, USA (Xiang Qi set) - Jan 2006

The box arrived undamaged and in time for Christmas. My husband was thrilled as he has been wishing for a Chinesse Chess set for years and could not find one of good quality at any of the game stores in town.



*Whole sentences have been lifted directly from emails received and have not been edited. All were received without solicitation.
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