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Configuring the Essex
Coin-Op Mechanism

The Essex Coin-Op Mechanism, also known as a Straight Six, is delivered with a default configuration, typically set for 50p per play.

More practical table owners have managed to adjust the mechanism for different coin permutations but it's not straightforward and not recommended for the unconfident.

First you need to open the table up so that you can get at the interior of the coin mechanism. For Pool tables this is relatively easy as access to the mechanism is the same as the ball return drawer, accessed by a key. For Bar Billiards however, it's not so easy.

Detailed instructions once you've opened the table, are available as a PDF file. Please click here to view.

It is possible to adjust the mechanism to be "free play". Simply blank off all the slots in the mechanism.

If you don't feel that you would be able to adjust the mechanism yourself, please choose a banana token mechanism (if applicable to your selected product) or else ask for the mechanism to be adjusted for you prior to delivery. An additional charge is likely to be levied for this service because the table has to be unpacked, taken apart and then repacked afterwards.

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