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Which games are suitable for older people or people with limited mobility?

While we sell and promote many of the games mentioned on this page, the idea is that it should serve as a general guide for anyone who is interested to know more about games that suit people of more senior years. For those who are infirm or physically disabled, please see our Ideas for disabled people.

A great many traditional games are suitable for older people. Two that immediately spring to mind are Shuffleboard and Bowls. Bowls is enjoyed by millions of people throughout the world on a weekly basis and the vast majority of them are over 60. There are bowling aids available for people who struggle to bend down properly.

The game of Bowls comes in a variety of forms:

  • Crown Green Bowls - a Midlands / Northern England game
  • Lawn Bowls and Indoor Bowls - played more in Southern England and internationally
  • Short Mat Bowls - an indoor version of Lawn bowls for limited space played with full-size bowls on 45 foot mats
  • Carpet Bowls - a more sociable variant enjoyed in village halls and community centres - uses smaller bowls and a 30 foot mat

In America, Shuffleboard is viewed in a similar way. Shuffleboard courts can be found in virtually every hotel and beach resort throughout the state of Florida and large clubs are found all over the USA, some with more than 50 courts. Shuffleboard is also popular in Japan, Australia and Brazil and is now beginning to be taken up in Europe.

It is particular good for those who are more advanced in years because there is no need to bend down and while the game has a relaxed feel, it can be taken seriously by those with a competitive streak.

Of course, all our board games are suitable for people with limited mobility as are many of our table-top games. A particularly popular item is our large print Scrabble game - ideal for for those who are long-sighted.


Some other indoor games that tend to be enjoyed to a greater extent by the older generation are in this table:


There are loads of outdoor games and games of dexterity beyond bowls that are regularly enjoyed by the older generation. Some would argue that traditional Pub games are played more in general by older folks than by youngsters. The following are all excellent ideas for older people (it helps to have a whippersnapper along to pick up the balls or skittles...)


Let us know if you think have any other suggestions for this list.


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