FAQ - High Quality Games


I am only interested in superb quality games even if they cost a lot. Which games on your site qualify as no-shortcut, out and out premium quality?

Most of the games that we sell are well-made primarily in wood or other quality materials. However, some are particularly special and we are very proud to explicitly list our highest quality items below, for those for whom only the best will do:

Hand-made in England



Top Quality from outside Britain



You talk about specialising in High Quality games. But some of your games appear to be mass-produced and relatively inexpensive. Why is that?

Well one man's quality is another man's cheap dross, of course - these things are subjective. However, we also specialise in unusual and unique games and so we've made some exceptions in order to include something that we otherwise couldn't sell.

For example we used to sell Double 15 domino sets that came in a rather cheap vinyl covered box which was a bit horrible. But Double 15 dominos aren't that easy to find and we like to make sure that our customers can buy this sort of thing if they need them. So we would rather sell this (with the appropriate warning) than not sell them at all.

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