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Games For Weddings & Parties


Games For Weddings & Parties

We often hear from people who are planning a wedding or event and would like a few games scattered around for peripheral entertainment.

For information on games that can be the central theme of an event, please refer to our main Games Events page. For games that are fantastic as entertaining side attractions, read-on...

All of the following games go down really well at all sorts of occasions including weddings and anniversaries, family socials and parties, pre-dinner entertainment or even the office Christmas party!

We've picked out games that look attractive and interesting, aren't too fragile, and are easy for people to have a go at without needing complex instructions beforehand.

See also: Games for Events & Themed Parties. See also: Top 10 Wedding Games.


Giant Tower, Jenga, Tumble Tower

Take turns to remove the wooden bricks from the stack and replace them on the top. The tension mounts until finally the inevitable happens and the stack tumbles down! We have probably the best range of Jenga and premium Giant Tower games available

Table / Bar Skittles

The old pub classic works well at most events. If a person hasn't done it before, they'll need to be shown how to swing the ball and told that 3 swings constitutes a turn, but apart from that it is simplicity itself

Garden Skittles, Kubb & Molkky

Skittles games are great fun and perfect for warm weather weddings. We have a vast range of Skittles games that will provide plenty of light hearted entertainment for guests of all ages.


Football Tables

Table Football is great fun for grown-ups and children. We have football tables suitable for pubs and events- check out our party football table suitable for 6 players !

Giant Chess and Draughts

You might think that this would be a bit too serious for a party but large sets are incredibly eye-catching and it's astonishing how a Giant Chess set attracts a bevy of enthusiasts with adults, children and spectators all getting involved.

Shuffle Puck

Out of stock.

Shuffle Puck is played in a similar way to Air Hockey. Two players each have a paddle and they try to hit the puck into the opposition's net. The same fun but no need to plug it in!


Mega 4 In A Line, Connect 4, Giant 4 In A Row games

Our Giant 4 in a Row range is ideal for parties, events and the back garden. Take turns to drop counters in at the top and be the first to get four in a row diagonally, vertically or horizontally.

Get Knotted Giant / Twister

From £10.49

Get tangled up with Twister and the giant-size Get Knotted. Always fun at events and parties and suitable for a range of ages.

Table Tennis Tables

We have a wide range of both indoor and outdoor table tennis tables. Great fun at parties and events. You could organise tournaments, or leave for free play.


Giant Ball Drop Game


This is a giant version of the modern classic table top game in which you pull out the straws but try not to let the balls fall to the bottom!

Giant Snakes and Ladders


Giant Snakes & Ladders, where the players ARE the counters! There are a couple of optional additional twists that add to the enjoyment.

Bagatelle Games

The well-known pin bagatelle or parlour bagatelle still popular after more than 100 years. The precursor to pinball and no electricity required. Flick the ball into the play area and try to score the most points.


Quoits Games

The straight-forward game with a single stake is great fun especially if you play the version where a 'ringer' cancels out the opponents 'ringers' underneath... The 'Cross Quoits' multi-stake games are less skillful and recommended more for young children

Portable Synthetic Ice Curling Rink with Curling Stones

Currently unavailable

Portable curling rinks formed of synthetic ice panels. Self-lubricating with no water or electricity required to play.


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