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The Masters Traditional Games Logo

The Masters Games logo shows an image of two men playing a board game. The image is the right hand half of a wall painting found in a tomb at the ancient Egyptian city of Beni-Hassan.

This city is from the 12th dynasty (2000 - 1750 BC). The game is not named but the venerable games historian HJR Murray believed it was likely to have been the ancient Egyptian game of T'au or 'robbers'. T'au is cited and pictured in various ancient Egyptian works and appears likely to be a war game but alas, there is nothing to indicate how the game was played.

The game on the left is also found on another wall painting in the tomb of Ra-sheps who was a scribe or functionary of the court of the Fifth dynasty. Above the board are the words "see the sen't" and above each player "takes three from the board". It appears that this is the ancient Egyptian game of Senet.


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