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Masters Traditional Games Testimonials 1999 - 2011


Masters Traditional Games Testimonials 1999 - 2011

Here is a selection of testimonials we have received from our happy customers from 1999 to 2011, prior to taking reviews on Review Centre and Google.


Robert Hyde, USA (Lewis Chess set) - Dec 2001

The pieces arrived a couple of days ago and they are absolutely first class. I am really delighted with the quality and feel of the pieces and also that there are several different designs of pieces in the set compared to the pieces that I had years ago. I will be pleased to recommend you to anyone who would appreciate such a set of their own and wish you every success with your business.

Kathy Seaton, UK - January 2001 (Bagatelle)

Just a quick belated note to say how well the Bagatelle board went down, not only with my husband who's present it was but every one else that we went away with for Christmas. Championships have been set up for the worst and best player and Sunday rematches have been requested! The board is beautifully made and packaged and friends have requested your website with a view to the skittles and I can see us adding to our collection of pub games.

Simon Vickers, UK - February 2001 (Pub Table Skittles and Mahogany Shove Ha'penny)

I can now confirm receipt of the Shove Ha'penny and Table Skittles, both in fine condition. My committee colleagues and I are delighted with them, thank you.

Devon Kurtz, USA - May 2001 (Steel Quoits)

I received the Quoits set. It is wonderful. I will be ordering an additional set in a week. Our research historians were very impressed and we can't wait to set it up and play.

Atsuko yoshioka, Japan - January 2001 (Oak case Chess set with folding inlaid board)

I (and my friend) play with it almost everyday. I'm happy that i could buy something from abroad, (this was the first time for me) without any problem like this. This is because of your support and kind corperation. I really appreciate it.


Adrian Tanner, Japan (Giant Snakes and Ladders and Home Table Skittles) - Sep 2002

Just a quick note to let you know that my order of 'Giant Snakes and Ladders' and 'Home Table Skittles' arrived safely today! I can't believe how quickly this order arrived. Thanks so much! A lot of Japanese children will now have the opportunity to play these two English games.

Alan Ashbee, UK (Mahogany Shove Ha'penny board & Sets of old English Ha'pennies polished)- Oct 2002

Very impressed with Customer Service (do you realise it's customer service week in the UK?). Yes thanks order all received 100%.

Patrick Morrison, UK (Giant Snakes and Ladders) - July 2002

everything arrived bang on time, thanks for your excellent service on this. Sometimes you aren't quite sure about the promise of internet business in terms of ability to deliver but i was really pleased with Masters Games service and my order was completed very slickly, even though i changed the delivery address at one point!, which could have spelled disaster for a time sensitive order like this for my son's school fair.

CL Priester, USA (Jaques 3.5 inch Tournament chess set & 20 inch board) - April 2002

Thank you for your personal attention and assistance with this. I appreciate it very much and rarely find that level of care here in the States. This will be a gift for someone very close to me, and I know that he'll love it. Should I need any more sets in future, I will definitely contact you before anyone else. Take care and continued best of luck. Leigh Priester

Chuck Goldone, USA (Bar Billiards Table) - Mar 2002

I got the game on Friday & I love it. The quality of the original construction as well as the quality of the restoration is outstanding. It is not perfect, but what would be after spending 70 years in a bar? I also greatly appreciate the quality of your service. Thank you for the phone calls regarding the order & the delivery charges. It has been a wonderful experience doing business with you & please feel to use me as a reference at any time.

Joe Helling, France (Giant Chess set) - Feb 2002

I have to say that I am most impressed with your service. Thanks again, it's beeen a rare pleasure doing business with someone who keeps their promise.

Ron Sagaert, USA (Mahogany Shove Ha'penny) - Jan 2002

The Shove Ha'penny game has arrived in good condition and is exactly what I wanted. Thanks for your intervention in this little delivery problem. A bit on the late side but all in all, a nice purchase. You have great customer service and I appreciate it. Look for me again on your purchasing list.


Simon Gunn, UK (Mahogany Shove Ha'penny with brass lifts) - Dec 2003

Yes I have received my order and would like to say how impressed I am with the high level of service, ease of ordering and speedy delivery that your company has provided.

Richard Money, UK (Pine & Beech Sjoelbak) - Nov 2003

Just to let you know how impressed I have been with the service supplied.Timely communication and prompt delivery, excellent packaging of my purchase upon delivery, and very pleased with quality of manufactured Sjoelen board. Only downside is my wife may realise how good this internet shopping can be.

Peter Shearn, UK (Staunton Design Chess set with Walnut & Sycamore Board) - Oct 2003

Yes, the chess set arrived when you said it would and was packed very carefully indeed. I'm very happy with the quality of the product. It is a breath of fresh air to deal with a company that does what it says it will do and goes the extra mile to make sure. If every company worked like yourselves, being in business would be a better place!

Dory Heesch, USA (Chestnut and Oak Sjoelbak) - Aug 2003

Thank you for your extrodinary help in this matter! You have been truly wonderful and a joy to communicate with! I have been playing with my new board ever since my return home yesterday! It is in excellent condition! No scratches or anything. My son who is 3 has taken to it wonderfully.Please pass on my regards to the craftsman of this board.

Roger Ashley, UK (Oak Bagatelle) - Mar 2003

Many thanks for the game which arrived safely this morning. I was impressed with the way my order was processed and delivered when you said it would be. Very well packed, and a superb quality finished product. We are looking forward to playing Bagatelle with our grandchildren tomorrow evening. Thank you again.

Roy Troppman, UK (Oak Bagatelle) - Feb 2003

I just returned this weekend from the U.S. and found the package waiting for me. Meant to send you a note ....sorry. I am absolutely delighted with my purchase and with the speed at which it was delivered..promised in Feb and received in Feb! thanks so much...look forward to many hours of fun with it.


Paul Millard, UK (Table skittles) - Dec 2004

Many thanks for all your help. I look forward to buying from your company again, and will not hesitate to sing your praises to all my friends and relatives on the quality items you sell, and the excellent level of service you provide.

Juliana Lehigh, USA (Table skittles) - Nov 2004

Hello James we received our order and my husband has been inviting friends over for endless games of table skittles he is having a lot of fun with it. I have also forwarded your info to a few friends in the San Francisco area who have been trying to locate these exact type of games! Thanks for the excellent customer service I look forward to doing business with you again in the future.

Deb Brocket, USA (Rope Quoits) - July 2004

It is very uplifting to deal with a business that cares enough about their customers that they follow-up with personal contact. Thank you. I will spread the word about the wonderful service and product I received from you!

Arlindo Vieira, Portugal (23 " Chessboard) - June 2004

Again, I was surprised with your's company service! Information, Kindness, Class in contact with buyer, and above all : "humbleness" in acepting the "critics" of little errors, in some aspects of information in the site! That, is...greatness in a Web seller! As a chess colector, and Latin-America Chess forum moderator in Web ( Luso Xadrez-Yahoo), be sure that i will make my best to talk good about Master Games, and above all, recomend yours Web shop, because I'm very happy with the way that you make business!

I don't believe what my eyes have seen! An extraordinary packing, whit security, solidity, wonderfull service! When I saw the packing, my first looking is that was a "table"! Gorgeous packing! Never in web trading I saw that marvellous sort of packing! The Jaques walnut and sycamore Chessboard (6,3 cm squares) is a remarkable replica of the 19th century design! Yes! A formidable modern replica, with beautiful workmanship. A beautiful, beautiful chessboard! One of the best, if not the best chessboard in the market! So different of that veneered chessboards, that are very hugly, like mirrors, that when a player look to them with the pieces, he saw "two pieces", because of that stupid shinning, that duplicate the chessman. And some of that " sheetboards" costs 100, 200, 300, and more USD! No, like a chess collector, I know the quality, and the superb finishing, and the marvellous simplicity-efficiency of that chessboard! Thanks to Master Games, because the service, the attention, and the CLASS, are a true impressive sign of great Company, and formidable one in Web trading! I will tell good of Master Games in Portugal, and be sure that I will be a future costumer!

Bob Barker, UK (Premier Giant Toppling Bricks, Giant Ludo, Giant Dominoes, Hand made Oak Table Skittles, Jaques Carpet Bowls) - Apr 2004

Thanks for caring to check that the order was delivered. In fact it was delivered the next day after ordering, which was brilliant. I would have no problems recommending you too anyone


Gary Cook, UK (Compact Table Tennis Table Top ) - Dec 2005

Thankyou very much for: 1/The professional way you handled this mistake to ensure I received the desired product on time. 2/Your follow-up to explain the situation. 3/The desired table did arrive today (Thank you again). I certainly would be very happy and confident to order from you in the future, it is the professional attitude you have shown that gives me confidence to purchase through the Internet with YOUR COMPANY.

Leslie Hennel, UK (The Captain's Mistress, Royal Game of Ur, Senet) - Nov 2005

Many thanks for the super efficient delivery of my board games. I ordered 'The Game of UR', 'Senet' and 'Captains Mistress' at 11.20am on Thursday 17th November and received the games at 2.00pm on Friday 18th November. Amazing! I am also happy with the games and must compliment you on your website - very easy to use and most pleasing to the eye - one of the best selling and product information sites on the web. I would not hesitate to recommend your company to anyone interested in board games etc.

Philip Hill, UK (Giant Tower) - Jun 2005

I have received the giant tower which has already brought many hours of enjoyment. The service I have received from yourselves has bee impeccable and I wont hesitate from recommending you to others

Oliver Davies, UK (Go Set) - May 2005

All Go kit has arrived perfectly packaged and in mint condition (one stone slightly chipped, but they'd packed three spare, so that was fine), bowls beautiful, board nicer than shown on your website. Lovely, lovely. So prompt too. Faultless!

Patrick Moore, Spain (Bar Billiards 4 lane scoreboard, mushrooms and balls) - Mar 2005

Not only have I received the order but I am absolutely amazed at your fantastic service. You confirmed my order on the 8th and I received the parcel on the 10th. It is a pity I have nothing else to order at the moment. Thank you very much indeed.


Sarah Hopkins, Scotland (Mahogany Shove Ha'penny board) - November 2006

I have just taken delivery of the replacement board. It is of a far superior finish to the first one and eminently fit for purpose. Thank you very much for your intervention - you now have one very satisfied customer.

Alison Warner, UK (Hand Made Uckers Game, Solid Oak Box for hand-made board games) - November 2006

We received the box and board yesterday - and it is simply the most attractive and well made piece of games furniture we have ever seen - it beautiful and fantastic - it exceeds our expectation! Thank you so much - Simon is thrilled and it will certainly be used frequently and for a very long time - thank you for deciding to make a run of them. I hope you've had several orders for them as they are even better than the pictures illustrate - a wonderful tactile board any Royal Navy player would be overjoyed with.

Susan Burdette, USA (Xiang Qi set (4.2cm King)) - October 2006

The game arrived in excellent condition a couple days after I placed the order and several days BEFORE I received an order that I placed with a USA company on the same night! I have told many people how efficient your company is and how impressed I was with the confirmation and whole experience.

Peter Macdonald Eaton, Germany (Hand Made Cribbage Box) - August 2006

No, I'm absolutely delighted - I just have to get my German neighbours away from Skibo - that shouldn't take long. The box is super I must say well done! May get some orders before Xmas I think.

Graeme McGrathi, UK (Bamboo & Bone Mah Jong set) - July 2006

Thank you so much for your prompt service. The beautiful set arrived intact and undamaged, and the case still smells of the varnish! I am really pleased, and having such a lovely set will push me into learning how to play Mah Jong properly!

Michael Geer, Australia (Mahogany veneer Shove Ha'penny board ) - May 2006

I have received my order and I wanted to say thankyou for your very prompt delivery and excellent packaging which ensured the safe arrival of my board. The board is a gift for my English born Mum, Aunts and Uncles who grew up playing the game but haven't played or seen a board since they came to Australia almost 50 years ago. Thanks again for your excellent customer service.

Kevin Kenz, USA (Indoor Quoits board with 4 quoits, Mahogany veneer Shove Ha'penny board, Set of 5 old English ha'pennies) - Feb 2006

Just a note to let you know the package arrived today and everything is 100% perfect. We even managed a few games of Quoits this evening! Thanks much for the speedy service, excellent packaging, and the nice products.


Andrew Morrison_Crane , UK (Super League Football Table (Telescopic Bars) Black Storm NHL Air Hockey Table (incl. puck/pushers)) - December 2007

I would like to also give my congratulations to you and your team for providing a first class service not only with this order but also with the two games tables I purchased from yourselves a week or so ago. It makes such a nice change to find people that actually deliver what they promise.

Robert Hazlerigg UK (Oak faced parlour bagatelle game (with balls, cue & rules)) - December 2007

May I say that we found your website very user friendly and your backup service quite excellent ;very refreshing for " silver surfers "!! as dealing with things on line can so often be difficult or even so frustrating that one just gives up ; Thank you so much and we are all looking foward to playing Bagatelle.

Peter Sullivany, Jersey (Jaques Hit-a-pin Bagatelle) - November 2007

Yes, my order has arrived, and I would like to sincerely thank your company for a MOST efficient service. It was extremely professional.

Kevan Manley, UK (Hand Made Cribbage Board - November 2007

I would like to say that I am very impressed with the quality of the order received and of the personal way in which you carryout your business. It was a pleasure doing business with you.

Richard Ponton, UK (Dal Negro Ebony Backgammon Set) - October 2007

I received an order from your website several weeks ago and was very impressed by the rapid service and excellent quality goods you provide. Many thanks; it is refreshing to see an online order site that actually delivers what it promises.

Dorisanne DeLong, USA (Toptafel (incl. skittles, tops, rules & scorecards) Stand for Toptafel Toptafel set of accessories (skittles, tops, rules & scorecards)) - April 2007

James, I have to tell you that we celebrated my Dad's 93 rd Birthday this past weekend. I was so excited to bring Skittles. We are about 30 some people in our immediate family. We all relocated from NY in the past 6 years. We had so much fun. The ages right now not counting any babies on the way are from 5 years old to 93 years old. Skittles is a games for all ages. It levels the playing field. We are a game family but rarely can my dad or the little ones participate. He is rather deaf and the little ones are simply little ones. We had a tournament throughout the day. Everyone had 3 try's and the best score of all three of your turns won the pot of over $100. I can't tell you how it made the party. I will only bring it out on special occasions. I don't want the novelty to wear off. I just wanted to say thank you. I don't know if my dad will be here for his next birthday but I will always remember the fun that he had at his 93rd.

David Krug, USA (Hand-built Mahogany Deluxe Games Compendium) - February 2007

I can't tell you how pleased I am by your help in this matter. Several friends have commented on how nice the board is and I've referred them to your website and told them about your excellent service. Hopefully you will see some new orders in the near future.

Jo Rees, UK (Set Bar Billiards skittles (8 Bristol style 10 x 5 inch pins + Fattie Annie 3 composition (simulated wood) skittle balls - 5 inch (1.4Kg, 3lbs) Ash faced parlour bagatelle game Indoor Quoits board with 4 quoits Hand Made Nine Mens Morris Game Sailor's Dice Box Compendium Backgammon - Oak faced with inlaid points ) - January 2007

Many thanks, the last of the order arrived Thursday before Christmas. Everything very good and we are all very pleased and impressed with the service. The first 2 items arrived the day after I had placed the order! The people in our day centre are really enjoying playing with them. As soon as I can get some more money from grants (!!) I shall be ordering some more. Once again many thanks.

Gary Luttringer, USA (Set Drakes Pride Professional bowls) - January 2007

I have received my order and am very pleased with all the services you have provided. You were very prompt and sincere in answering my email questions. After the order was placed, the shipping of the order was completed quickly. The package was easily tracked using the supplied tracking number. The Dukes Pride bowls arrived in less than eight days from the date of shipping. I have had many orders take more time from shipment to delivery within the United States. The advice you added to the order about signing for the shipment was used at the time of delivery and will be used again in signing for future orders received from other vendors. And finally, the shipment was well packaged and arrived in perfect condition including the Dukes Pride cardboard container within the shipping box. I have only had my set of bowls for a few days but have recommended your company to several fellow bowlers already. It was a pleasure doing business with you.


Kostas Lourikas, Greece (Go set - 8mm glass stones) - December 2008

The order is 100% carried out and with no problems as well , the go set is really great , beyond my expectations and Im realy Happy about the whole system of yours and with the tnt tracking service . . I will suggest your services to my friends and to everyone else I know who is interested in such nice things .. Also I must add , the site is very well-asthetic and very informing about the products.

William Langstaff, UK (2 X Real Canasta Set 2 X Transparent Card shoe (holds 6 decks)) - November 2008

May I say how happy I was when I stumbled across your website, filled with some games that I thought had been discontinued many years ago. As a child growing up I spent many summer nights with my Grandparents whiling away the hours with Canasta. My Great Grandfather used to run a toy shop and from there my Grandfather procured a Canasta Set, this is some 60 years old, and had many hours of use. As you can imagine it has long since seen better days. The joy I felt when I found it is still sold was immense, I purchased two from yourself under the Delivery Note R13989-0. One for myself and one for my grandparents for Christmas, I received these this morning and joyously opened the parcel to reveal two fabulous boxes of Canasta, nearly identical to the one my Grandfather has.

John Kovats, USA (2 X Playboy Poker Chips Set (300 chips)) - November 2008

I just want to drop you good people a note telling you how happy I am with the service and communication. I still can't get over how fast my items arrived here in the U.S.( I ordered 2 of the playboy premium poker chip set) I hope to do more business again in the future.

Drew Timmins, UK (Dice Poker Set (300 Chips)) - October 2008

This email is really just to let you know that the has been the best internet service i have had in a long long time. Quick response, great service and customer very happy.

Ms Davis, UK (Set of 24 Jaques Draughts in Mahogany box 18 inch Walnut & Sycamore Board, ~43mm sq. (for 3 inch King)) - September 2008

Received order today and i was very impressed by the care taken to package the game,it was beautifully wrapped and certainly ensured no damage to the contents this is the first time i have shopped with you and the level of service has been superb,i shall certainly shop with you again and i will be sure to recommend your fabulous website to my friends.

James Tapley UK (Giant Roll-A-Ball Traditional Nine Pin Quoits set) - June 2008

Thank you for the expedient despatch and thank you also for the impressive level of customer care your company has shown.

David Parkinson, UK (Home Table skittles Mahogany veneer Shove Ha'penny board) - April 2008

Thank you so much for your prompt service with our order. I know we had requested a quick delivery date for a games event we were holding, but you more than delivered on time. The games event was a huge success, and the bar skittles table was fantastic. Thank you so much for the upgrade, we can't imagine how we would have managed without it! We will recommend you to everyone we know, and hope your business continues to do well.

Stephen Bedingfield, Canada (Hand Made Halma Game & Xiang Qi set (4.2cm King)) - February 2008

The Xiang Qi and the Halma games arrived safe and secure today. The packing was excellent and the delivery time was very good. I am especially impressed with the beauty and craftsmanship of the hand-made Halma board. Thank you again for your service. I will be sure to recommend your store to friends.

Jean McGraw, USA (Toptafel (incl. skittles, tops, rules & scorecards)) - January 2008

Thank you for the update. I was wondering what happened to that game. While visiting my son's family in Seattle over the holidays, we played Skittles and had an absolute BLAST! What a fantastic game for all ages! It guess its one drawback is that it presents a storage problem at least for people with small houses, but we spent MANY laughing-so-hard-that-the-tears-were-rolling-down-our-cheeks moments with this game, so I thank whoever thought this up what must have been years ago. MUCH more fun than watching television could EVER be!


Jessica Vasey, UK (Carrom) Dec 2009

I would just like to compliment the whole of the Mastergames staff. It is very rare to find a company with the professionalism of Mastergames. Being kept informed every step of the way was brilliant, if only all companies could be like you. I will definitely order from yourselves again, plus my recommendations to friends and family couldn't be higher. Many thanks for all your help - our new game had already brought many hours of laughter to our household.

Christine Dyson, Poland (Winmau Blade III Darts Board Winmau Black finish Darts cabinet Winmau Hi-impact 95% tungsten steel-tip darts - 25 grams) - October 2009

I would like to say it is a pleasure doing business with you everything went very smoothly and cannot believe I received it just 1 week after ordering, great service!! I hope to do further business with you and would highly recommend your company!

Peter White, USA (Bar Billiards table with Clock mechanism (incl. cues, balls, skittles, rules & scoreboard) (Coin:Freeplay, Skittles:3 Skittles, Wood:Mahogany)) - September 2009

Thanks for the prompt reply to my questions. The spring on top was the problem, the little cam had flipped out from under it. Thanks so much for the information. I must say what a pleasure it is to work with a company that actually has customer service that is of the highest quality like yours. From the initial purchase and now this problem.

Jennifer Bruce, UK (Hand-made Iroko wood Trap for Bat and Trap Hand-made Iroko wood Bat for Bat and Trap Set of 8 balls for Bat and Trap or Lacrosse) - August 2009

Huge great box of bits arrived last week - its brilliant! Thank you very mcuh for the goods, and your great customer service, yours will definitely be the first website I look at if I'm in the market for anything similar in the future.

Douglas Cargill, UK (Target Bowls Diamond (4 x 4 feet)) - June 2009

Thank you sincerely for your truly remarkable service in dealing with my order for the Target Bowling Mat. Having only spoken to Helen on Monday morning 1st June I received the Mat by 11am on Tuesday morning. You certainly have saved one of our Bowling Club's games for Coffee Morning this week. I would certainly use your service in the future should this arise, Many thanks.

Graham Headhouse, France (Hand-made Iroko wood Trap for Bat and Trap 2 X Hand-made Iroko wood Bat for Bat and Trap Pair of balls for Bat and Trap or Lacrosse) - May 2009

First of all can I thank you for your good service ordered on the Wednesday received on the Friday afternoon in France Dordogne very good,also very pleased with the quality of the workmanship of the trap ,Who knows if I can get the French and English interested you may have some more orders.

Jane Sweetlove, UK (Garden Games Quoits Jaques Home Table skittles Knob & Heel Cribbage) - May 2009

i have received all my orders and am delighted. Thank you so much. I have a very good impression of your company and the care it takes for its customers. i am sure the older people will enjoy playing the games with some school pupils in my intergenerational Age Concern project.

Lee Robson, UK (Dal Negro Grand Mah Jong (incl. 6 joker tiles)) - May 2009

My order arrived safe, sound, and as promised last Friday. It's beautiful. Thank you for such a courteous, reliable, efficient, and wonderful service (qualities so sadly lacking in most suppliers these days, so you stand out like a rare and shimmery gem amidst the murky gloop that constitutes most retailers). I shall recommend you without hesitation and look forward to seeing the gorgeous and, no doubt, very happy birthday face of my partner in a couple of weeks' time. You see, romance isn't dead, and beautifully crafted games like the Mah Jong help preserve the ancient art!

Margaret Shand, UK (Garlando G500 Weatherproof Football Table - Blue Set of leg levellers for G-500 and G-500 Weatherproof Football Tables) - April 2009

Many thanks for getting in touch - yes the table did arrive and we have had no problems. I would like to take this opportunity to say thank-you to Master Games for making the whole process very easy and stress free. The delivery had to be changed to an alternative address and this was no problem - the table arrived promptly and on time plus yours was the only website that recommended levellers for the feet which without those would have been a nightmare to level. It has been a pleasure doing business with you and would recommend Master Games to anyone wishing to purchase a table football.

Alexander Robertson, UK (Go set - 9mm glass stones) - January 2009

Just a quick note to say that my order arrived this morning all present and correct. I had struggled somewhat to find a go set until I came across your website but your company provided me with good advice when I called to enquire about specific details and the order has arrived considerably before I expected it to (to be honest). I would not hesitate to use your site again next time I require a similar item, I will also gladly recommend you to any friends that require something that you might provide.


Geb Bernard, Canada (Ancient Egyptian Hounds and Jackals Royal Game of Ur) December 2010

I was apprehensive about ordering from overseas, it was not something I had ever done before, but your company was able to allay my fears. Thank you once again for your excellent service and products.

Graham Atkinson, UK (1/2 inch L-shaped Billiards cushion rubber (12 x 13mm) Approx 6m (19.5ft)) November 2010

This is a really brilliant service - so nice to find a firm who delivers what they say, and even sends a follow-up email to check! I have used Masters before (for traditional games - which we love), and will certainly use you again in the future.

Elaine Crews, UK (Dal Negro Briar Wood Backgammon) September 2010

Thank you all for a rather difficult order, thankfully all worked out OK in the end and I have a rather delighted husband. The board has been admired by all our friends and I will certainly pass your name on

Sara Selwood, UK (Set of 6 sticks(1lb 4oz), doll and swivel-iron for Aunt Sally) July 2010

Just to say thank you so much for your help and for "going the extra mile" (or several as in this case!). So impressed was I that I have just phoned another pub I deal with (who's thinking of buying some more games) and told them about you!

Bill Bone, UK (Go Set in wooden case) July 2010

Just want to say that I haven't even received my package yet but I think you guys are great! You've been very helpful each step along the way with your frank messages about arranging delivery and tracking. Very refreshing and much appreciated!

Elizabeth Whyte, Australia (League Table Skittles) Apr 2010

I buy very little on-line and hate shopping. The way you conduct business is making me think I might try more on-line shopping. I am truly impressed by the whole experience with Masters Traditional Games.

Cynthia Johnson, UK (Heemskerk Tournament Sjoelbak Board (incl. 30 tournament disks)) Jan 2010

We want to thank you for all your trouble - my daughter is thrilled to bits. It is exactly what she wants. You did an amazing job - the case is great - the set is wonderful and I don't see how you could have done more. If any more of my children want sets I shall contact you as I don't see how your service could be bettered. I hope your business thrives like anything because you deserve it. Thanks again for all you did. We really appreciate it.

Olaf T Lieb, USA (Heemskerk Tournament Sjoelbak Board (incl. 30 tournament disks)) Jan 2010

The Sjoelen Board was absolutely the best gift that we have ever had under (or should I to) the tree!! As a young child we had a board that we always played on holidays, but we managed to beat it to pieces. This gift has restarted our family tradition!! Thank you for your service.


W. Ibbotson-Price, UK (Garlando G500 Football Table) September 2011

Excellent service - thank you very much! I am sure that we will be using you again for other things - I know we want to replace our Giant Chess set soon.

Roger Weaver, USA (8 Bristol style - 4 inch pins + Fattie Annie) August 2011

The skittles are beautiful and are great fun. The shipping was Extremely fast!! I totally didn't expect such speedy delivery, especially from overseas. Thanks so very much. I'm extremely happy with the pins--they're actually like 'works of art'. If I need any other sets, I'll definitely contact you.

Sheila Foster, UK (Jaques Home Table skittles) August 2011

The game arrived this morning, can't thank you enough for your effort. Not only did it arrive on time but was much admired and appreciated. I would not hesitate to recommend your products.

Luke Salmon, Australia (Bamboo and Bone Mah Jong set) July 2011

Thanks for your help and dedication in ensuring that I am able to collect my order. I appreciate your commitment and will be sure to tell others of your excellent service.

Harry Gow, UK (4 X Croquet Mallet - Cottage) July 2011

Just to thank you for such an excellent response to our order. After placing the order, I was very happy when it arrived first thing the following day. This allowed us to proceed with croquet for a wedding that day. It is rare indeed these days to be on the receiving end of a good quality service.

Trudie Dalton - Brown, UK (Giant A4 Playing Cards, Cannonball Drop, Mega Hi Tower with canvas storage bag, Mega 4 in a Line, Jaques Giant Roll-A-Ball, Giant Pelmanism (Memory Game), Giant Dominoes, Giant Ludo) May 2011

I just wanted to thank you so much for an excellent service; from my initial enquiry with James and then the subsequent order placed with yourself, including guidance on the products and assurance that it would all arrive in time, follow-up emails and general all round customer service was exceptional. I only wish all companies were as helpful and professional.

Gary Luttringer, USA (Cost for initials or emblem from library on bowls, Drakes Pride Professional bowls (set of 4, gripped) (Size:2, Weight:Heavy, Colour:Brown), Drakes Pride Professional bowls (set of 4, gripped) (Size:3, Weight:Heavy, Colour:Black)) February 2011

I am delighted with all aspects of the tranaction including order to delivery time, overall value, the bowl emblems, and the personal customer service. I have ordered from your company twice before and each time has been a real pleasure.

Denise Hatcher, UK (Cardinal Mexican Train Dominoes in a tin) January 2011

I am pleased to tell you the dominoes have arrived. They are in excellent condition thanks to your superb packaging. I shall be recommending your company to friends and family.

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