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Timber Quality Statement


Timber Quality Statement

This applies to all timber products (e.g. pins, balls, cheeses and sticks) used for abusive games such as Skittles, Aunt Sally and Rounders.

With all timber products, there is a small chance of a defect or flaw in the wood and occasionally an undetectable weakness exists in the timber that only causes a problem only once the item starts to be used. We don't offer a guarantee on timber products by default but to cover any such issues we do offer a quality statement as follows:

See also: Pub Skittles.

Because we cannot be sure how timber products such as skittles, balls, cheeses and sticks have been stored and used, we cannot guarantee to replace any such timber products if they have been used and are damaged. For instance, a customer sent back 4 pins and was convinced that the ends were chipping due to poor quality timber but after much investigation, it eventually turned out that it the chipping was due to a fault on his alley.

However, if a problem arises during the first few instances of play or otherwise during the first 2 months after sale, and the problem is clearly due to a fault in the timber or workmanship, we will send you replacements at no cost.

After 2 months or after the wooden item has been used 3 times, any problems thereafter will be considered to be wear and tear.

Note that some skittle teams soak their pins in Linseed or other types of oil before or after starting to use them. We do not recommend this practice as it softens the wood and makes it more prone to cracking. Accordingly we are unable to replace any damaged pins that have been soaked in oil.

Your statutory rights are not affected by the information on this page or anywhere on this website.

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