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Clamshell & Slate Go Stones


Clamshell & Slate Go Stones

Kurokigoishiten Blue Label Clamshell & Slate Go Stones - 8mmKurokigoishiten Blue Label Clamshell & Slate Go Stones - 8mm
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  • Genuine clamshell and slate Go stones
  • Made from Mexican clamshell and Japanese slate
  • Presented in a wooden box in velvet bags
  • 8mm Go stones - black stones will be marginally bigger
  • Blue Label shell and slate stones made in Japan by Kurokigoishiten

Genuine, Japanese made, clamshell and slate Go stones. Meticulously crafted by Kurokigoishiten, these stones are part of their 'Blue Label' range which serves as a more affordable introduction to the superior nature of proper shell and slate stones.

Kurokigoishiten Blue Label Clamshell & Slate Go Stones - 8mm

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Was: £206.90


£166.58 (Ex.VAT)

Kurokigoishiten Blue Label Clamshell & Slate Go Stones - 8.8mm

ETA: 1 working day + transit time

Ref: 00K701

Was: £249.90


£203.25 (Ex.VAT)

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The white stones are made from Mexican clamshell and predominantly feature the shell's attractive grain. The black stones are made from Nachiguro slate mined in Kumano City, Japan.

These Go stones are available in 8mm and 8.8mm thicknesses - although the black stones are actually 0.3mm larger as they will appear slightly smaller in comparison to white stones due an optical illusion.

The stones are supplied in a charming wooden box with each colour presented in velvet bags along with a certificate of authenticity and a fascinating pamphlet on the history and manufacturer of slate and shell stones.

For those wishing to play with the genuine article and succumb to the full Go experience, only clamshell and slate stones will do. Their weight, colour, the pleasant feel and the grain of the shell are all highly aesthetically pleasing and truly enhance the playing experience.

Note from Kurokigoishiten, the manufacturer:
BLUE LABEL stones are the perfect selection for a gift to beginners. They are also good to use at Go tournaments and Go parlors. We hope that more entry-level and recreational players will have a chance to play with this real clamshell stones. Their quality is nearly equal to that of our two highest grades.

Contains small parts. Unsuitable for children younger than 4 years old.

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