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Croquet Sets, Accessories & Equipment


Croquet Sets, Accessories & Equipment

Our extensive range of croquet sets, accessories and equipment to suit every budget and specification. Whether it's for children, casual games with friends and family or serious tournament play, we have the ideal croquet set for your needs.

We offer a wide selection of croquet sets and components from top manufacturers, such as Garden Games, Uber Games and Bex Sport, and also have regulation, competition croquet balls by Willhoite.

As ever, our friendly team of experts are on hand to offer advice and answer any croquet questions that you may have.



Popular Croquet Sets

Our most popular croquet sets - a great place to start for any eager newcomers to the wonderful world of croquet.
Here you will find popular sets to suit all budgets and abilities across all our croquet categories.



Children's Croquet Sets

These fun croquet sets include smaller mallets that are perfect for children and younger players. Older children / teens will may be better off with one of the family sets.



Family Croquet Sets

Perfect for getting the whole family together, these sets typically include full size mallets for adults and shorter mallets for children, or intermediate sized mallets designed to strike a happy medium for the whole family.



Garden Croquet Sets in Bag (4 Player)

These 4 player croquet sets all come with a practical bag for easy storage and transportation. All full-size, these sets include all accessories and good quality components.



Garden Croquet Sets in Box (4 Player)

These croquet sets are presented in a traditional style wooden storage box. The boxes have handles on either side for easy transportation and a hinged lid. These are good quality, full size, 4 player sets with accessories.



Garden Croquet Sets with Stand (4 Player)

These 4 player croquet sets are supplied with a wooden stand / trolley with wheels. The trolleys typically take up less space and can be moved around with ease. These are all high quality, full size croquet sets with accessories.



6 Player Croquet Sets

Our range of 6 player croquet sets with a choice of storage. From leading brands, these sets include 6 mallets - usually in adult and children's sizes - and all accessories.



Croquet Balls & Accessories

We have all the croquet equipment and accessories you'll need to complete your set or for replacements. Includes regulation and garden croquet balls, croquet mallets and croquet hoops.



Superior Croquet Sets

Top of the line croquet sets with the finest quality components. These sets typically include 4 - 6 mallets with brass head protectors, full size and weight composite balls and all other necessary accessories. Our superior croquet sets are available with a choice of storage options (bag, box or trolley / stand)


History of Croquet

Mallet and ball games are thought to have been first played in England and Europe during the middle ages. Games would normally involve only one ball which would be struck through very wide hoops. A Croquet-like game is believed to have been first played by thirteenth century French peasants who used crudely fashioned mallets to whack wooden balls through hoops made of willow branches. In seventeenth and eighteenth century France, mallet and ball games were quite popular and one of them, "Paille Maille", was introduced to London where it was played in open ground near St. James's Palace. This area became known as Pall Mall which is how the famous street of today got its name.

The modern game of Croquet appears to be Irish in origin. A game called Crooky was played in Ireland from the 1830's and, in 1852, it was brought to England where it quickly became popular. It was particularly popular with women because it was the first outdoor sport which could be played by both sexes on an equal footing. Widespread popularity began when Croquet equipment became readily available due to London sporting goods manufacturer, John Jaques, who began selling complete croquet sets.

Over the next 30 years uniform rules were established and national competitions commenced, Croquet becoming a major sport of the day. The first national headquarters was the Wimbledon All England Croquet Club (later to become the Wimbledon All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club); the first national championships were held there in Victorian times.

Spearheaded by Australia and New Zealand, Croquet spread quickly to the British colonies. By 1870, croquet sets had reached virtually all of the British colonies and its popularity grew, following the earlier trend of being especially popular with women. Around this time, the game was denounced from the pulpits of the day, and play was actually banned at some sporting clubs. Croquet was played at the 1900 Olympics but around this time, the up-and-coming sport of Tennis started to eclipse Croquet and this other game's ascension marked the end of Croquet's heyday. The last 20 years has seen something of a resurgence particularly amongst the young.

Today, Croquet is played competitively in over twenty countries, the major ones in the 1990s being Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the USA and croquet sets are manufactured in many of these countries.

In the USA, two forms of the game are played, International Association croquet and American rules which uses the same lawn and equipment but has a few rule variations. Many of the best competitors play both versions. In addition there are some garden croquet sets which have 9 hoops and 2 pegs.

Many other countries play croquet or their versions of it. France hosted the 1995 World Croquet Federation Championships, Japan plays Croquet along with a similar game called Gateball, Egypt plays a simpler form of Association croquet. In Russia, Tolstoy apparently had a Croquet set for his lawn in his Moscow garden and astronauts are reported to have played for relaxation upon their return from space. Finally, China possesses many Croquet players from different age groups - a picture in the Illustrated London news of 1938 showed Revolutionary guards playing the game!

Learn more about Croquet from the Online Guide to Traditional Games.

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