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Quality Darts equipment & Dartboards from Winmau, Unicorn, Nodor and other leading manufacturers in the world of Darts. We have an extensive range of Dartboards, Darts and accessories, all at competitive prices. From top-of-the range, professional-level Dartboards and premium quality bundles for Pubs to equipment for causal play at home, we have the right Darts equipment for you.



Unicorn Dartboards

Quality Dartboards from leading brand, Unicorn - the big name in Darts. All endorsed by the PDC, Unicorn Dartboards are used in all televised PDC events & tournaments.

Unicorn Eclipse Ultra Bristle Dartboard with Unilock


New for 2021, the Eclipse Ultra board by Unicorn.

Unicorn Smartboard: App Enabled Auto Scoring Bristle Dartboard


The world's first app-enabled auto-scoring dartboard

Unicorn Eclipse HD2 Pro Bristle Dartboard


Top-of-the-range, championship dartboard


Unicorn Eclipse HD2 Dartboard

Imperfect versions only

Excellent quality dartboard with tons of top features

Unicorn Eclipse Pro 2 PDC Bristle Dartboard


Professional dartboard, suitable for commercial & domestic use

Unicorn Eclipse Pro Bristle Dartboard


Good quality, professional-standard dartboard


Unicorn Striker Dartboard


Unicorn's entry-level dartboard - perfect for home use

Unicorn Eclipse HD Trainer Bristle Dartboard


Dedicated training Dartboard with thinner doubles & trebles



Winmau Dartboards

Dartboards by world renowned brand, Winmau - the force behind Darts. Winmau are the most televised Dart brand in the world and the brand of choice for Darts organisations around the world, such as the BDO.

Winmau Blade 6 Dartboard | Carbon Triple Core & Dual Core

From £46.95

The innovative Blade 6 from Winmau, available with both Triple Core & Dual Core technology.

Winmau Diamond Plus Dartboard


Angle wired, staple-free bullseye with Cliple wire fasteners

Winmau MvG Diamond Edition Dartboard


Official MvG edition of the Diamond Plus dartboard with striking green & black design.


Winmau Pro SFB Dartboard


Roundwire board with cliple wire fasteners. Staple-free bullseye.

Winmau Champion's Choice Blade Dartboard - Training Dartboard


Staple-free bullseye and narrow trebles/doubles for serious practice!

Winmau Green Zone Blade Dual Core Dartboard


Special version of the Blade 5 with handicapping. Allows children / beginners to compete with better players.



Dart Sets

These are fantastic dart sets that include everything you need to get playing straight away.



Darts Accessories

A fantastic range of Darts accessories from leading brands. Everything from cabinets to electronic scorers.



Steel Tip Darts

Great range of Darts. Both steel and soft tip are available as well as a good choice of weight and style.



Regional Dart Boards

A selection of regional Dart Boards. These boards feature different layouts to the standard board.



Nodor Dartboards


History of Darts

There seems to have been a weapon called a dart in existence for many hundreds of years as various mostly obscure literary references to the term affirm. However, the existence of a dart is not the same as the existence of the Game of Darts. The first clear references to any game like darts first appear as a nineteenth century parlour game. The first such game was called Puff and Dart which used a blowpipe to fire a dart at the target. It is said that in 1844, during a game of Puff and Dart at a London pub, a player made the unfortunate mistake of sucking rather than blowing. The dart disappeared into his digestive system whereupon the poor chap died a few days later. The other game was Dart and Target which is similar but without the blow-pipe i.e. the darts are thrown. Best guess for date of appearance of this is late 1870s.

Early forms of Darts started to grown in popularity in the 19th Century but it didn't become a serious pub game until the 20th century when it was still known as Dart and Target according to 'Lawful Games on Licensed Premises', 1904. Dart and Target was played on a board of numbered coloured circles, on which doubles and trebles did not feature, the highest score being the bullseye and lowest at the edge. Brewers started to organise leagues from around 1925. . Like other games, Darts suffered from laws prohibiting it in places such as Liverpool and Glasgow.

Although the standard or trebles or "London" board pictured is the primary darts board in use today, many different designs have existed over the years and non-London variants are still around. Still known to be used are the Yorkshire board, the Lancashire or Manchester board, the Staffordshire Board and East End Darts is also still popular being played on a boards with segments scoring multiples of five. The London board's segmented numbering scheme is inherited from the old Yorkshire, Burton, Irish and Lincoln boards which have a similar arrangement. The only picture that exists of any dartboard prior to 1920 is a picture of the weird-looking Grimsby board from around 1890.

Today, Darts is played by 6 million people regularly and features on Satellite TV. Visit The Online Guide to Traditional Games to find out more about the history of Darts.

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