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Backgammon Sets & Equipment


Backgammon Sets & Equipment

With so many Backgammon sets available, it is difficult for the discerning buyer to sort the wheat from the chaff. We are here to help. Our Backgammon range comprises the finest quality Backgammon boards from the top game manufacturers, such as Dal Negro, Crisloid and Manopoulos. All are immediately dispatched and a next-day delivery service is available (for England/Wales).

The Italian company, Dal Negro, is regarded by many as the world's leading production Backgammon maker. We have a better understanding of their beautifully elegant and practical games than any other retailer.



Tournament 21-inch Backgammon Sets With Disk Storage

Our range of excellent quality, full tournament sized (21 inch) Backgammon sets - ideal for competition and serious club play as well as for enthusiasts at home. All these sets feature integrated disk storage compartments.

Philos Tournament 21-inch Backgammon Set - Briefcase Style


Good quality, great value set. Black case with felt surface.

Crisloid Classic Brown Tournament Attaché Backgammon Set

Due 12 Aug 2021

Classic brown leatherette set from US manufacturer, Crisloid.

Crisloid Classic Blue Tournament Attaché Backgammon Set

Due 12 Aug 2021

Blue leatherette case style backgammon set from Crisloid with a cork play field.


Dal Negro Red Prestige 21-inch Tournament Backgammon Set


Prestige, fabric briefcase style set from Dal Negro in red.

Dal Negro Brown Prestige Tournament 21-inch Backgammon Set


Brown fabric case and playing surface with leatherette points - part of Dal Negro's Prestige range.

Dal Negro Blue Prestige Tournament 21-inch Backgammon Set


Blue fabric case and playing surface with leatherette points - part of Dal Negro's Prestige range.


Dal Negro Grey Prestige Tournament 21-inch Backgammon Set


Grey fabric case and playing surface with leatherette points - part of Dal Negro's Prestige range.

Crisloid Brooklyn Slate Tournament Attaché Backgammon Set


Slate colour backgammon set by Crisloid with quiet cork playing surface.

Crisloid Classic Black 21-inch Tournament Attaché Backgammon Set


Smart & stylish black leatherette set by Crisloid with a cork playing area.


Dal Negro Teal Prestige Tournament 21-inch Backgammon Set


Prestige, fabric briefcase style set from Dal Negro in a greenish blue colour.

Crisloid Anchor Red Tournament Attaché Backgammon Set


Beautiful set by Crisloid with their unique cork playing surface.

Crisloid Legacy Midnight Tournament Backgammon Set


Luxury backgammon set by US brand, Crisloid. With the unique cork playing surface.



Tournament Size Backgammon Sets Without Disk Storage

Excellent quality, full tournament sized Backgammon sets without integrated storage for the pieces. Suitable for competition and serious club play, these wonderful boards would suit any enthusiast.



Connoisseur Backgammon Sets with Disk Storage

Slightly smaller than full size backgammon sets, these are the ideal size for the serious player and favoured by many Backgammon experts. Excellent quality and storage for the pieces incorporated into the design. The Dal Negro sets are beautifully made and are extremely popular as gifts for both Backgammon enthusiasts and any lover of elegant wooden games.



Compact Connoisseur Backgammon Sets

A good range of high quality Backgammon sets that are smaller than tournament size and do not necessarily feature storage for the pieces. High quality sets for more discerning Backgammon players that are ideal for home use and more casual play.



Backgammon Pieces & Accessories

A good range of Backgammon playing pieces / stones and other accessories.



Backgammon Tables

Superb quality Backgammon and Chess tables from luxury Italian brand, Italfama.



Championship 25-inch Backgammon Sets

Large size, Championship 25-inch backgammon set by Bone Club. These boards feature a huge 30-inch playing area for big, better game-play.


The Origin of Backgammon

Games of the Backgammon family have been played for thousands of years in all parts of the world and certainly during the Egyptian, Greek and Roman eras. The game may derive from the ancient Egyptian game of Senat, which was played on a set of 3 x 12 points with 3 x 6 sided dice. Popular in a variety of forms throughout history, backgammon was probably originally brought to England by men returning from the Crusades.

Like many games played for money, Backgammon was unpopular with the authorities in England for centuries and it wasn't until the reign of Elizabeth I that laws prohibiting the "playing of Tables in licensed establishments" were abolished. In the early seventeenth century, backgammon underwent a revival and swept across Europe. Thenceforth, backgammon remained the popular game that we know today.

There are different opinions regarding the derivation. Some people believe it derives from 'Baec', meaning back and 'Gamen', which means game. Others believe that it might have been derived from 'Back', which means little and 'Gammon', meaning battle.

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