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Outdoor & Garden Games


Outdoor & Garden Games

With our unique and extensive range of fun outdoor games, sports and other garden activities, there's no excuse not to get outdoors and get playing!

In our collection we have particularly good traditional games from around the world and some outdoor pub game classics together with selected fun modern outdoor games. All are ideal for hosting a garden party, meeting a few people in the park, events or just passing some time in the back garden. Many of the games are also very portable for easy transport and taking away with you on your holidays.

See also: Giant Games. See also: Party Games. See also: Circus & Dexterity Skill Toys.


Croquet Sets & Equipment

Full sets & supplementary equipment from leading Croquet manufacturers.


Excellent range of Bowls, rink equipment, accessories and much more.

Boule / Petanque / Boccia Sets

From £17.99

Huge selection of Boule, Petanque & Boccia games, including wooden and soft ball sets.


Garden Skittles, Kubb & Molkky

The definitive collection of garden skittle sets and variations from around the world.


Probably the best & largest range of Quoits games, including genuine steel quoits, deck & rope quoits.

Outdoor Sports

Rounders, Cricket, Softball & other outdoor sports compendia sets.


New Age Street Bowls


Casual, fun Bowls that can be played anywhere.

Tetherball / Swingball

Out of stock.

Tetherball or Swingball is a fun garden game for two players.

Garden / Lawn Darts


A fun garden variation on Darts - both steel tip and soft play sets available.


Ladder Golf / Spin Ladder

From £25.99

An increasingly popular garden game of skill and accuracy that's ideal for garden parties.

Wham-O Frisbee Horseshoes


Classic Horseshoes with a Frisbee twist.

Outdoor Games & Activities for Children / Families

Huge selection of fun filled games & activities for children and families.



From £23.99

A great range of Slacklines from top manufacturers.


From £15.99

High quality Boomerangs from the leading brand, BoomerangFan.

Outdoor / Deck Shuffleboard

Complete Deck / Outdoor / Ground Shuffleboard courts, sets & other accessories.



Hugely popular US backyard game that puts your throwing skills to the test.

Golf Games

Our selection of golf games, including Mini Golf games for the garden.


The History of Outdoor Traditional Games

To learn more about the history of outdoor traditional games, visit the Online Guide to Traditional Games.

Masters Traditional Games Reviews


Croquet Sets & Accessories - From The UK's Premier Croquet Shop

Uber Family Croquet Set in a wooden box

Huge range of top quality Croquet sets & equipment to suit everyone. Full sets & accessories, including regulation balls.

Bowls Equipment - Indoor & Lawn Bowls - Short Mat & Carpet Bowls

Drakes Pride Fineline bowls (set of 4, gripped, black, heavyweight)

Large range of Lawn Bowls and bowls rink accessories. Also Carpet Bowls, Short-Mat Bowls equipment and fun bowls for the home.

Quoits Games | Steel, Garden & Rope Deck Quoits

Masters Rope Deck Quoits (Quoits Board with 6 Quoits)

Shop our huge range of Quoits games. Buy steel quoits, pub quoits, rope deck quoits & garden quoits from the traditional games specialist.

Buy Boules - Petanque - Metal Boule Sets - Soft Boule - Boccia

Garden Games set of 8 Boule (petanque) in metal case

Huge range of Boule, Petanque, soft Boule and competition Boccia sets. Buy high quality Boule sets at low prices. Immediate dispatch.

Outdoor Deck Shuffleboard | Buy Ground / Floor Shuffleboard

Ground & Outdoor Shuffleboard Equipment

Buy equipment for Outdoor Shuffleboard also known as Deck, Ground or Floor Shuffleboard. Courts, cues, disks & full sets available from Masters of Games.

Garden Darts | Inflatable Lawn Darts | BS Toys GA088

Inflatable Lawn Darts (BS Toys GA088)

An inflatable lawn darts game that's perfect for family fun in the garden. Order now for immediate dispatch, backed up by our personable service.

Garden Skittles, Kubb, Molkky & More - Skittles Games

Skittles Pack - with Balls, Rules and Canvas Bag

Fantastic range of Garden Skittles games. A variety of Nine pin skittles plus traditional skittles games from other countries including Kubb & Molkky.

Ladder Golf - Spin Ladder - Outdoor Game

Uber Premium Ladder Golf (navy & red bolas)

Ladder Golf or Spin Ladder is a fun outdoor game for family and friends. Ideal for any outdoor event or party, it is a challenging throwing game.

Buy Deluxe Cornhole Sets - Heavy-Duty Cornboard / Bag Toss Game


Deluxe Cornhole boards & sets for sale. Heavy-duty Cornboards with bags included. A very popular garden game from Masters of Games.

Golf Games - Home Mini Golf Games

My Mini Golf - Pro Set (Two Putters)

Golf themed games, including home miniature golf sets and table mini golf games. High quality games at low prices. Quick dispatch guaranteed.

BoomerangFan Boomerangs - High Quality Throwing Toys

BoomerangFan Original Falcon Boomerang (right-handed)

Top quality Boomerangs from French brand, BoomerangFan. Beginner & intermediate Boomerangs all at low prices. Quick dispatch & 5 star service.

Outdoor / Garden Games & Activities for Children / Families

Large Belly Bump Balls - Pack of Two

A huge range of fun outdoor garden games and activities for families and children to enjoy! Entertaining, active games as well as Playhouses and Sandpits.

Outdoor Sports Sets & Equipment - Cricket, Rounders, Softball

Outdoor Sports

A fantastic range of outdoor sports sets & equipment, including Rounders, Cricket & Softball kits. For home, school & club use. Low prices across the range.

Sunsport Tetherball / Swingball Game

Sunsport Tetherball

Tetherball / Swingball is a fun outdoor game for 2 players. Hit the swing ball around the pole. Includes 2 rackets. Buy from the garden games specialist.

Buy Slacklines - Excellent Range of Slacklining Equipment

Orangutan Slackline - 15m - 50mm

Shop now for Slacklines and Slacklining equipment. We have an excellent range of top Slacklines at low prices. Buy now from the outdoor games specialist.

Wham-O Frisbee Horseshoes

Wham-O Frisbee Horseshoes

The classic game of Horseshoes with a Frisbee twist. A fun garden game for the whole family. Low price, top service & quick delivery.

New Age Street Bowls - Rubber Bowls for Casual Play

Street Bowls Bag Set

New Age Street Bowls are shaped like traditional bowls but are much lighter. Made from an innovative rubber compound they can be played anywhere.


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