Outdoor & Garden Games

Outdoor & Garden Games

With our unique range of outdoor game tables, fun outdoor games and other activities, you can hardly fail to have a great time!

In our collection we have particularly good traditional games from around the world, some outdoor pub game classics together with selected fun modern outdoor games. Ideal for hosting a garden party, meeting a few people in the park, events or just passing some time in the back garden.

See also: Giant Games. See also: Party Games. See also: Circus & Dexterity Skill Toys.


The History of Outdoor Traditional Games

To learn more about the history of outdoor traditional games, visit the Online Guide to Traditional Games.

Croquet Sets & Croquet Set Accessories

Uber Family Croquet Set in a wooden box

Large range of good quality Croquet sets and accessories, including regulation balls. to buy from leading croquet manufacturers

Bowls Equipment Indoor & Lawn Bowls Short Mat & Carpet Bowls

Drakes Pride Fineline bowls (set of 4, gripped, black, heavyweight)

Large range of Lawn Bowls and bowls rink accessories. Also Carpet Bowls, Short-Mat Bowls equipment and fun bowls for the home.

Buy Quoits - a variety of quoit games

Rope Deck Quoits (Quoits board with 6 quoits)

Probably the best and largest range of Quoits games in the world. A variety including genuine steel quoits, pub quoits, deck quoits and rope quoits.

Buy Boules - Petanque - Metal Boule Sets - Soft Boule - Boccia

Garden Games set of 8 Boule (petanque) in metal case

Huge range of Boule, Petanque, soft Boule and competition Boccia sets. Buy high quality Boule sets at low prices. Immediate dispatch.

Rounders Sets and Rounders balls, bats and posts

Garden Games Rounders Set

Range of Rounders equipment for schools and for leisure play. Rounders sets, bats, balls and posts - including safety rounders posts and balls

Buy Outdoor Deck Shuffleboard

Outdoor Shuffleboard Equipment

A range of equipment for Outdoor Shuffleboard also known as Deck Shuffleboard. Shuffleboard courts, sets, cues and disks

Garden Darts - Lawn Darts - Inflatable Darts

Garden Darts - metal tip

A great selection of fun Darts games designed for the garden. We have traditional lawn darts using steel tipped darts as well as inflatable darts.

Garden Skittles, Kubb, Molkky & More - Skittles Games

Skittles Pack - with Balls, Rules and Canvas Bag

Fantastic range of Garden Skittles games. A variety of Nine pin skittles plus traditional skittles games from other countries including Kubb & Molkky.

Ladder Golf - Spin Ladder - Outdoor Game

Uber Premium Ladder Golf (navy & red bolas)

Ladder Golf or Spin Ladder is a fun outdoor game for family and friends. Ideal for any outdoor event or party, it is a challenging throwing game.

Cornhole - Bean Bag Toss - Cornboard - Bags


Cornhole, a hugely popular American outdoor game for all ages. Simple yet hugely entertaining, Cornboard is the perfect accompaniment to a back-garden BBQ.

Range of Outdoor Game sets. Games Compendia for the Garden

Uber Compendium of outdoor games

Range of quality outdoor games compendia. A compendium of garden games is fantastic fun for summer parties or just for families in the park.

Golf Games Home Mini Golf Games

My Mini Golf - Pro Set (Two Putters)

Golf themed games, including home miniature golf sets and table mini golf games. High quality games at low prices. Quick dispatch guaranteed.

Maverick Slackline - Extreme Balance Sport - Slacklining

Maverick Slackline - 15m

Top of the range Slackline from renowned manufacturer, Maverick. Slacklining is an extreme balance sport. Easy to set up and very safe and durable.

BoomerangFan Boomerangs - High Quality Throwing Toys

BoomerangFan Original Falcon Boomerang (right-handed)

Top quality Boomerangs from French brand, BoomerangFan. Beginner & intermediate Boomerangs all at low prices. Quick dispatch & 5 star service.

Outdoor / Garden Games & Activities for Children

Crocodile Hop Mat Game

A huge range of fun outdoor games and activities for children to enjoy! Entertaining, active games as well as Playhouses and Sandpits.


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