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Drakes Pride Bowls Scoreframes - Horizontal & Vertical

Upright Double Sided Scoreframe with numbers

Drakes Pride Bowls Scoreframes - choice of three scoreframes. Supplied with ground spikes for firm positioning. Strong, coated aluminium scorecards.

Drakes Pride Lawn Bowls Gatherers

Bowls Gatherer

Drakes Pride Lawn Bowls Gatherer. Easy bowls collecting with this smooth-rolling gatherer. Soft bound hoop to protect bowls, runs on 3 rollers.

Lawn Bowls Rink Protectors

Rink Protector

Lawn and Crown Green Bowls Rink Protectors, made from strong polypropylene mesh, for protecting each end of the rink in bad weather, 250 x 240cm

Lawn Bowls Rink Markers

Metal rink markers (Set of 12 numbered 1 - 6 in pairs - suitable for 6 rinks)

Lawn Bowls metal rink markers. From leading bowls manufacturer Drakes Pride. Low prices & top service.

Drakes Pride Umpires Kit

Official Drakes Pride Umpires Kit in Attache Case

Impressive Umpires Kit in a black attache case by Drakes Pride. Contains everything required by the umpire.

Bowls Target Mats

Target Bowls Diamond Mat (4 x 4 feet)

Reinforced vinyl, 4 foot square Bowls Target Mat, for practice or target competitions. Also popular at fund-raising events/fairs. In Sets of 2, 6 &12

Drakes Pride Supalock 9 feet Bowls Measures

Drakes Pride Supalock 9 feet string measure with calipers and belt clip. Colour: Green

Drakes Pride Bowls Measures, Supalock a 9 feet string measure, has calipers & belt clip, red, navy, blue, green, pink or blue.

Lawn Bowls Rink Ditch Markers

Set of 6 metal Bowl/Jack Ditch Markers (2 red, 2 blue, 2 yellow)

Bowls ditch markers to locate bowls and jacks when in the ditch. Sets of ditch markers for fitting out all rinks on a bowling lawn

Pack of 20 Chalk Spray

Pack of 20 Chalk Spray

Pack of 20 individual canisters of Drakes Pride white chalk spray. Easily mark without touching or moving the bowl.

Metal rink pins (Set of 14 - suitable for dividing 6 rinks)

Metal rink pins (Set of 14 - suitable for dividing 6 rinks)

Metal Rink pins used for defining Bowls Rink perimeters. Set of 14, made from coated steel with a single black line on the rear.

Drakes Pride Bowls Footmats & Footers

Regulation Bowls Foot Mats (pair, black with white border)

From Drakes Pride, robust, rubber, regulation Lawn and Crown Green bowls mats / footers. Range of colours available. Low prices & quick dispatch.

Drakes Pride Bowls Balloting Discs

Set of 5 Drakes Pride balloting discs (for rinks 1 - 5)

Balloting discs for Bowls. Used to determine the rink and position of play. From Drakes Pride, the leading Bowls brand.


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