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Payment Information

UK Sterling Cheque

In UK pounds sterling made payable to "Masters Games Ltd." and sent to the postal address.
NOTE: Sorry, but we cannot accept cheques in any other currency. Our bank stopped accepting foreign currency cheques in 2017.

Credit/Debit Card on the website

There have been no security issues since the shop opened in 1999.
Credit/Debit Card by phone

We are happy to accept card payment over the phone or by voicemail. However, we believe this method is less safe than using the website directly. Note: the Internet will still be used to perform the card authorisation and transaction.

By email

No, No! Please do not send your card details by email. This is unsafe.


If you have a Paypal account, place your order using the website and select the "Proforma" option for payment. Then login to your paypal account and send the invoice total amount to

Bank Transfer

You can pay by BACS (within the UK) or by SWIFT or TIPANET international money transfer. When using this method, please be sure that your bank charges are not passed on to us - i.e. ask the bank to ensure that the full required amount arrives in our bank account.

Email us for more details.


Of course we can accept cash but we do not recommend sending cash through the post. Please use a cheque/check - it's much safer!

By invoice

We are happy to accept purchase orders from charities, schools, universities, hospitals or government organisations based in the United Kingdom. We will then invoice you requiring payment within 20 days of receipt of goods.