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Table Tennis Tables


Table Tennis Tables

Masters Traditional Games brings you a competitively priced range of high quality Table Tennis equipment from big brands, such as Butterfly, French manufacturer Cornilleau and Stiga from Sweden.

Butterfly, Cornilleau and Stiga tables and equipment are manufactured to the very highest standard combining durability, exceptional playing quality and safety. As such, we would recommend these brands to players of all abilities, both for recreational play and competition.

We have a huge range of Butterfly, Cornilleau and Stiga products, all at competitive prices as well as great value tables from brands such as Gamesson and Mighty Mast Leisure, giving you an extensive choice of tables to suit all budgets. From popular family and domestic tables tables right through to competition models, Masters Games serves you an ace choice allowing you to make a championship decision!

Remember the purchase of a table tennis table tends to be a one-off event so it is important to get it right. Our friendly team of experts are always on hand to offer advice and answer any questions that you may have.

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Small Indoor Table Tennis Tables & Table Tennis Kits

Smaller tables ideal for children or those with limited space and portable kits that can be set up on any table.

These children's sized Table Tennis tables are smaller than full-size making them ideal for children, beginners or just those with limited space. All these tables can be set up or stored away very easily and still maintain a high level of durability and playing quality.

Table Tennis Kit


All in one kit that turns any table into your play area.

Butterfly Mini Table


A mini, folding table from Butterfly. Comes with bats and balls.

Butterfly Slimline Mini Table


A stylish, uniquely shaped, mini table from leading brand Butterfly.


Butterfly 6 x 3 Table Tennis Top


A 6ft table tennis top with net and post set and bats and balls.

Butterfly Starter Table Tennis Table - 6ft


A mini 6ft table ideal for youngsters & those with limited space. Bats and balls included.

Butterfly Family Table Tennis Table - 4ft 6


Ideal for youngsters learning the game. Easy to set up and fold away and takes up minimal space.


Butterfly Junior (3/4 sized) Indoor Table Tennis Table


3/4 size Butterfly table with folding legs. Accessories included & delivered ready assembled.

Typhoon 2-in-1 Air Hockey / Table Tennis


A 5.5ft Air Hockey table with a detachable Table Tennis Top.

Butterfly Junior Rollaway Table Tennis Table (3/4 size)


3/4 size Butterfly table that benefits from the excellent rollaway system for easy movement. Accessories included.



Indoor Hobby Table Tennis Tables

Domestic tables for families and smaller children.

Our Indoor Hobby Table Tennis Tables are good quality domestic tables ideal for family fun and younger children! The tables are durable but would be most suitable for more casual play. These table tennis tables offer good quality at affordable prices. However, boisterous teenagers, more serious players or those intending to play regularly may be better suited to one of our club table tennis tables.



Indoor Club Table Tennis Tables

More robust tables for domestic and lighter club use.

These are high quality table tennis tables from leading manufacturers like Cornilleau, Butterfly and Stiga, all at truly competitive prices. This selection of tables are suitable for domestic use and lighter wider use, such as at schools and clubs. These table tennis tables all feature high-spec designs, are very robust and offer excellent playing performance. When choosing a Table Tennis table it's important to get the quality the price tag promises and with these trusted brands quality is never compromised.

Butterfly Easifold 19 Rollaway Table Tennis Table

From £279.90

A great choice for home use from top manufacturer, Butterfly. Offers good performance and impressive robustness.

Butterfly Compact 19 Table Tennis Table

From £287.90

A good quality home use table from Butterfly featuring a 19mm top that provides a good bounce and performance.

Cornilleau Sport 250 Indoor Table Tennis Table


Entry level club table that is durable and nice to play on.


Butterfly Spirit 19 Rollaway Table Tennis Table

From £347.90

Quality table from Butterfly with a 19mm top, sturdy undercarriage and leg levellers. Minimal assembly required.

Butterfly Easifold Deluxe 22 Rollaway Table Tennis Table

From £393.90

Good quality club table from Butterfly benefiting from a 22mm top and the 8 wheel rollaway system. Delivered ready assembled.

Cornilleau Performance 500 Indoor Table Tennis Table


An excellent table that is robust and offers exceptional game play.


Butterfly National League 22 Rollaway Table Tennis Table

From £495.90

Excellent Butterfly table featuring a 22mm top and 8 wheel rollaway system. Supplied ready assembled.

Stiga Performance CS Indoor Table Tennis Table


Quality Siga table with excellent features that's suitable for home and club use.

Stiga Privat Roller CSS Indoor Table Tennis Table


Stiga's entry level club table with the ingenious Compact Storage System.


Stiga Elite Roller Advance CSS Indoor Table Tennis Table


Stiga club table with the Compact Storage System designed for schools and clubs.

Stiga Elite Roller CSS Indoor Table Tennis Table


High end club table from Stiga with Compact Storage System.



Competition Table Tennis Tables

Tournament-spec tables for heavy use and all serious players.

This is our selection of the highest quality, competition standard table tennis tables. All these products are manufactured by Cornilleau - the leading name in table tennis.If you are looking for a top of the range table tennis table that is built to last and sure to impress then these are the right choice for you! These Cornilleau tables offer an unrivalled playing experience and are all at fantastically competitive prices.



Weatherproof Outdoor Table Tennis Tables

Weatherproof tables for outdoor play and storage.

A fantastically priced range of high quality outdoor Table Tennis Tables by the leading manufacturers in their field. All these tables are extremely durable and weatherproof. These Table Tennis tables are all very robust and designed to be weatherproof. They should withstand reasonable extremes of temperature and have been made using waterproof materials.

Cornilleau Challenger Outdoor Table Tennis Table


Entry-level outdoor table by Cornilleau - ideal for family / recreational garden use.

Cornilleau Sport 100S Outdoor Table Tennis Table

From £318.90

A good quality recreational table tennis table ideal for family use at an economy price

Butterfly Compact Outdoor 10 Wheelaway Table Tennis Table

From £349.90

Butterfly's entry level outdoor table that's fine for casual use at home. Good performance at an affordable price


Butterfly Easifold 12 Outdoor Rollaway Table Tennis Table

From £359.90

Good quality outdoor table from Butterfly with a 12mm top that provides a good, consistent bounce

Butterfly Spirit 10 Outdoor Rollaway Table Tennis Table

From £367.90

Robust and weatherproof table with a good bounce and rollaway system for easy storage and movement

Cornilleau Sport 150S Outdoor Crossover


Ideal for family recreational use with great features and robust frame


Cornilleau Sport 250S Outdoor Crossover

From £398.90

A good match for more expensive outdoor domestic/club tables at a better price

Butterfly Spirit 12 Outdoor Rollaway Table Tennis Table

From £409.90

Excellent Butterfly table with a 12mm weatherproof top, strong undercarriage and rollaway system

Cornilleau Sport 300S Outdoor

From £458.90

A good match for more expensive outdoor domestic/club tables at a better price


Cornilleau Performance 400M Outdoor

From £528.90

High quality domestic/club table with bats, balls & cover

Stiga Outdoor Roller Table Tennis Table


Superb home outdoor table from renowned manufacturer, Stiga

Cornilleau Performance 500M Outdoor

From £598.90

Exceptional outdoor performance table from Cornilleau


Stiga Performance Outdoor CS


High end home / leisure table from Stiga with the Compact System

Cornilleau Performance 700M Outdoor


Top-of-the-range outdoor Cornilleau table that offers the same bounce & playing qualities as an indoor table.



High Intensity Use Indoor Table Tennis Tables - Ideal For Schools

Here is a fantastic selection of Table Tennis tables designed specifically to withstand the rigours of more boisterous environments. Ideal for schools and universities and other public locations for high intensity, indoor use.

Butterfly National League 22 Rollaway Table Tennis Table

From £495.90

Same spec as the National League 25 but with a 22mm match top.

Cornilleau Competition 540 Rollaway Indoor Table Tennis Table


Competition standard table from Cornilleau, robust enough for schools with superb playing qualities and numerous safety features.

Butterfly National League 25 Table Tennis Table

From £593.90

25mm Butterfly match top combined with the 8 wheel system providing economic storage and lighter rollaway benefits.


Sponeta Schooline S5-72i Table Tennis Table


From German brand, Sponeta, part of their Schoolline range with a 22mm chipboard top.

Stiga Elite Roller Advance CSS Indoor Table Tennis Table


Superb club table from Stiga, featuring their ingenious CSS storage system enabling numerous tables to be folded into each other to save space.

Stiga Elite Roller CSS Indoor Table Tennis Table


Superb club table from Stiga, featuring their ingenious CSS storage system enabling numerous tables to be folded into each other to save space.


Butterfly Space Saver 22 Rollaway Table Tennis Table


Very popular match table from Butterfly. Features a 22mm "Perfect Grip" surface and the unique Space Saver system.

Butterfly Space Saver 25 Rollaway Table Tennis Table


Very popular match table from Butterfly. Features a 25mm "Perfect Grip" surface and the unique Space Saver system.

Butterfly Octet 25 Table Tennis Table


Competition level indoor table from Butterfly. Top of the range 25mm top and the 8 wheel rollaway system.


Butterfly Centrefold 25 Rollaway Table Tennis Table


Top of the range table by premium brand, Butterfly. Competition standard and very robust with space saving storage system.



High Intensity Use Outdoor Table Tennis Tables - Ideal For Schools

Here is a fantastic selection of Table Tennis tables designed specifically to withstand the rigours of more boisterous environments. Ideal for schools and universities and other public locations for high intensity, outdoor use.



Table Tennis Bats & Accessories

A good range of table tennis accessories including balls, bats and protective covers.

Our range of top quality Table Tennis accessories and bats from leading manufacturers, Stiga and Cornilleau. A great choice of table covers, table tennis balls and table tennis bats. We also sell Cornilleau accessory pack bundles including a combination of bats and balls at fantastic prices.


Why Buy a Cornilleau Table Tennis Table?
Cornilleau have over 40 years of experience in the design and manufacture of table tennis tables and do not manufacture tables under any brand other than Cornilleau and Tectonic. As they only manufacture table tennis tables the quality and design are second to none compared to other brands for whom table tennis is simply another product.

Extensive Product Range & Innovative Design
Cornilleau’s vast and varied range of table tennis tables ensures there is a product to suit all playing
levels, from domestic right up to competiton standards. The competitive pricing also ensures there is a table to suit every budget. Cornilleau's range truely does offer value for money. The lower spec tables still provide a great playing expereince and as the tables get more expensive this gets even better - a thicker playing surface provides even better bounce, sturdier legs and heavier frames improves durability and safety and brakes are included on the wheels. Add to this numerous nifty extras such as corner protection pads, ball dispensers, retractable nets, adjustable leg height and a transport handle and you have a truly exceptional table with a plethora of add on's and features to satisfy and exceed all your table tennis desires!

Outdoor (Weatherproof) Tables
All Cornilleau and Tectonic outdoor tables are resistant to sun, rain, snow and frost and can be left safely outside all year round without any risk of deterioration, with or without a cover. Some brands will advertise their tables as being weatherproof but will actually state in the small print that their tables are not suitable to be left outside!
On Cornilleau tables, anti-corrosion materials are used on all parts to avoid rusting.

Playing Surface
Cornilleau's indoor tables are manufactured using high density chipboard whereas Chinese tables are made
using MDF resulting in a inferior surface prone to damage and deformation.
The resin Laminate used in the manufacture of Cornilleau's outdoor tables ensures they are completely weatherproof and also resistant to bat damage compared to aluminium topped tables which dent easily.

Cornilleau tables are the safest on the market due to the patented DSI system which includes has 16 locking points ensuring the table is fully locked while playing and in storage positions for complete child safety. Plus, if a table is opened and the handle released, the top will automatically lock at 65° avoiding any risk of an accident. Other brands cannot offer this level of safety.

Cornilleau offers a guarantee among the best available and is backed up by a company which is the European
leader in table tennis tables. Cornilleau tables are guaranteed against manufacturing defects for 3 years (2
years for Tectonic tables) extending to 10 years for the playing surface on outdoor
tables (3 years for Tectonic tables).

Playback Facility
All Cornilleau Sport and Tectonic tables have a playback facility and are suitable for solo practice ensuring you get the most use out of your table and are not always reliant on a partner to play.

Butterfly is the world's leading Table Tennis brand and has been at the forefront of the development of top performance Table Tennis equipment for the last 50 years.

Created by the Tamasu company of Japan in 1954, the Butterfly brand is now recognised globally and has been the leading manufacturer of Table Tennis tables and equipment in Britain for a number of decades. Butterfly equipment is the choice of many top ranking professionals and their high performance tables are frequently used at major tournaments around the world.

Butterfly are renowned for quality and this is reflected across all of the products for the sport including the bats, blades, rubbers, balls, clothing, shoes, tables and net and post sets. Therefore, Butterfly branded products are ideal for both casual and serious players and their range of tables are suited to both the home and commercial market.

STIGA Sports AB, a global company with partners in over 100 countries, has been a world leader in the sport of table tennis for over 70 years. For more than half a century STIGA blades have been world renowned as one of the the best.

Through close cooperation with several world class players and coaches, STIGA has always identified players evolving needs and as such is a market leader in both table manufacture and bat production.

STIGA has recently signed a 7 year agreement with The Swedish National Table Tennis Team that will run until 2020. The Swedish Team is probably the most famous table tennis team in the World, together with China and this further demonstrates their skill and reputation as one the leading manufacturers of Table Tennis equipment.

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