Poker Cards

Poker Cards

For those people after something special, we have attempted to find some of the best Playing Cards that exist in the world. The highest quality production cards are 100% plastic cards printed using the state of the art methods.

This page features wide playing cards suitable for games with a small number of cards per hand. Generally, these are favoured by Poker and Blackjack players. If you are looking for standard width playing cards for use with most other card games, please visit our main Playing Cards page.

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Wide style playing cards suited for Poker and Blackjack. Premium quality cards.

KEM Playing Cards

100% plastic Kem cards - arguably the finest playing cards available.

COPAG Playing Cards

100% plastic playing cards from renowned manufacturer, Copag.

NTP Long Life 100% PVC Floreales Poker Playing Cards


Long Life 100% PVC. Very wide


NTP Long Life 100% PVC Blackjack Playing Cards

From 15.99

Long Life 100% PVC, matt finish

100% plastic playing cards

From 20.99

Inexpensive but quality 100% plastic wide playing cards

Low Vision Broad-Size Playing Cards

From 9.99

Wide style cards with extra large numbers & symbols - ideal for the elderly & those with limited vision.


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NTP LongLife 100% PVC Blackjack Playing Cards (wide Jumbo index)

2 x Packs of NTP Long Life 100% PVC Blackjack Playing Cards

High quality long life 100% PVC NTP Blackjack playing cards from Italy. Nice matt finish, wide style jumbo index poker format playing cards.

NTP Long Life 100% PVC Floreales Poker Playing Cards

2 packs of NTP Long Life 100% PVC Floreales Poker Playing Cards

2 packs of high quality NTP long life 100% PVC Floreales poker playing cards. Wide style, standard index. Among the best poker playing cards you can buy.

100% Economy plastic playing cards

Carton of 36 x 100% plastic playing cards (18 red, 18 blue)

100% plastic playing cards, red and blue backed at a fantastic price. Hard wearing and very durable. Standard width with super index.

Buy Copag Poker Cards - High Quality Playing Cards

2 decks of COPAG Texas Hold-em poker cards

Range of high performance quality COPAG playing cards. Shuffle & slide across a table beautifully. 100% plastic & very resistant to bending & tearing.

KEM Playing Cards - Great Choice of KEM Cards - Low Prices

Kem Playing Cards (Std. width, Std. index, Arrow - red/blue)

KEM Playing Cards - the best and most robust playing cards available. Range of styles and sizes. Immediate dispatch, low prices, excellent service


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