Dice, Dice Trays & Dice Games

Dice, Dice Trays & Dice Games

Here at Masters Traditional Games, we have a wide variety of interesting games played with a die or dice. From old traditional favourites through to our fantastic giant dice section, we have the dice game to suit any requirement.

We also have a fantastic range of Dice shakers and beautiful Dice trays from leading manufacturers such as Dal Negro of Italy.


Buy Liar's Dice game

Front Porch Classics Liar's Dice

Fantastic fun - Liar's Dice, the classic dice bluffing game. Presentation liar's dice gift set. Ideal for families and groups of friends

Shut the Box - Variety of Interesting Shut the Box Games

Front Porch Classics Coffee Table Old Century Shut the Box

A range of shut the box games - inexpensive versions for the home through to larger versions designed for public use.

Poker Dice in Wooden Box

Poker Dice in wooden box

Classic Poker dice in a charming wooden box with a sliding lid. Fantastic gift for a games lover

Leather Dice Cups | Dice Cup Set With Dice

Double Leather Dice Cup Set with 10 dice, bag and games book

Pair of solid high quality dice shakers. Cups covered in real selected oak-tanned leather. With 10 Tuxedo Dice and rules for dice games

Giant Dice Oversize Inflatable Foam & Wooden Dice

Spare Giant Inflatable Die (for Ludo and Snakes and Ladders)

A range of Giant Dice suitable for large and giant board games. Inflatable dice, foam dice and large wooden dice.

Set of 7 cowrie shell (for use as binary dice)

Set of 7 cowrie shell (for use as binary dice)

Set of 7 cowrie shells for use as binary dice - as used in many board games around the world.

Dice Games Compendium

Popular Dice Games Compendium

Tactic Popular Dice Games compendium with poker dice, scoring counters and a rules booklet for 27 dice games

Crown and Anchor game

Crown and Anchor game

Crown & Anchor is a fun gambling dice game. The set comprises 3 dice and a mat- each with symbols. Match the symbol on the dice to the mat to win.

Shipmate's Dice Games - compendium of dice games

Shipmate's Dice Games

This compendium of Shipmate's Dice Games from House of Marbles includes everything you need to play a host of popular dice games.

Knucklebones | Osselets | Bones | 5 Stones

Metal Knucklebones set

Knucklebones/ Osselets/ Bones / 5 stones is related to Jacks. Comes in a pencil case style box with sliding lid and five moulded metal stones.

Precision Dice | Dal Negro Casino Dice

Precision Dice

A Set of five Precision Dice from Dal Negro. 5 red dice with clear white markings supplied in a smart black box.

Poker Dice in Wooden Barrel Shaker

Poker Dice in Wooden Barrel Shaker

5 poker dice in a wooden barrel container that doubles as a shaker. From Dal Negro of Italy

Pair of Wooden Dice Shakers

Pair of Wooden Dice Shakers

A nice looking pair of wooden dice shakers that each include five wooden dice. Each shaker has a lid and features inlaid brass decorations

Front Porch Classics World's Best Dice Games Collection

Front Porch Classics World's Best Dice Games set

From Front Porch Classics, a collection of the world's best dice games. 25 games in total. Comprehensive rules booklet included.

Wooden Dice Trays | High Quality Dal Negro Dice Trays

Dal Negro Dice Tray - Circular

A selection of high quality dice trays from leading games manufacturers such as Dal Negro of Italy. Wooden dice trays supplied with standard & Poker dice.

Dal Negro Backgammon Doubling Cube and 4 white Dice

Dal Negro Doubling Cube (22mm) and 4 white Dice (16mm)

Set of 4 cream coloured dice at 18mm together with a larger 22mm doubling cube with gold numbering. For Backgammon, a set of dice from Dal Negro.

Bridge Tables | Folding Card Tables

Pelissier Club Bridge Table - Baize Surface

Great selection of folding card tables suitable for Bridge and other card games. Card tables to suit all budgets. Metal & wooden tables available.

It's Dicey - Large Wooden Dice & Shaker

It's Dicey

It's Dicey allows you to play hundreds of different dice games with five large wooden dice. Exceptional service and immediate dispatch.


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