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Here you will find an extensive range of Chequerboards, from smaller 8 x 8 Chess boards to large 10 x 10 chequerboards for Draughts.

To decide which board will best accompany your chess pieces, please see our rough guide to chess piece sizes.

See also: Chess and Draughts Piece Size Guide.



Smaller 8 x 8 Chess Boards

8 x 8 chequerboards with squares around 47mm (1¾") and smaller. Suitable for chess sets with 3¼" (83mm) King or smaller.



Medium 8 x 8 Chess Boards

8 x 8 Chequerboards with squares around 2" (50mm) - suitable for Chess sets with a 3½" (89mm) high King.



Larger 8 x 8 Chess Boards

8 x 8 chequerboards with squares around 2¼" (55mm) and larger. Suitable for Chess sets with a 4" (102mm) King or larger.



10 x 10 Boards

10 x 10 chequerboards, primarily used for 10 x 10 Draughts.


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