Historical Board Games

Historical Board Games

At Masters Traditional Games we aim to offer the most interesting selection of traditional board games available in Britain. This includes our growing range of ancient and historical board games - many of which are unique to our website.


The History of Board Games

To learn more about the History of Board Games, visit the Online Guide to Traditional Games.

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Welsh Tawlbwrdd - replica Tafl game

Welsh Tawlbrdd - leather board with wooden pieces

Tawlbwrdd - Welsh Tafl, a fascinating strategy game of unequal sides. Replica leather board with wooden pieces. For museums, schools & gifts

Roman Ludus Latrunculorum (Latrunculi) game

Roman Ludus Latrunculi - replica leather board with wooden pieces

Famous Roman strategy war Game Ludus Latrunculorum or Latrunculi. A historical replica leather board game - great for schools, museums and families.

Irish Brandubh - replica Tafl game

Irish Brandubh - leather board with wooden pieces

Brandubh - Irish version of Tafl, a fascinating strategy game of unequal sides. Replica leather board with wooden pieces. For museums, schools & gifts

Tablut (Kings Table) - The Viking Game - Wooden Board


Tablut (Kings Table) based on a game found in Lapland in 1732. A fascinating game of unequal forces & different objectives. Hardwood board/box.

Duodecim Scripta - ancient Roman game

Duodecim Scripta

Duodecim Scripta is a Roman board game for two players. Wooden box with a drawer for the pieces - 15 white discs, 15 brown discs

Historic Chess Sets - replica notable chess sets from times past

Isle of Lewis Ivory & Black Chess Pieces (board not included)

Historical Chess Sets and replicas from the past such as the historic Lewis Chessmen as well as Chaturanga sets.

Hounds and Jackals - Ancient Egyptian Game of the Pharaohs

Hounds and Jackals - Box Version

Hounds and Jackals, the Game of the Pharaohs, one of the oldest board games in the world, this interesting replica is fun, entertaining & easy to play

Senet Ancient Egyptian Game Senat Sen't


These Senet boards are based on the popular game found in Egyptian tombs. This ancient game is enjoyable for children and adults.

The Royal Game of Ur - Ancient Sumerian Ur - Oldest Board Game

Royal Game of Ur

The Royal Game of Ur is credited as being the oldest board game in the world! Replica boards available to buy, manufactured to high quality standards

Buy Bagatelle games. Unique range of pin Bagatelles

Hand-made Oak Bagatelle game with bells and plunger

Largest selection of quality wooden Pin Bagatelle games and also accessories for the old English folding Bagatelles boards

Fighting Serpents - North American Indian game

Fighting Serpents - Native American game

Fighting Serpents is an old North American Indian game which is a bit like Alquerque or Draughts. Replica leather board with wooden pieces.

Fanorona - Madagascan game

Fanorona - Madagascan game

Madagascan Fanorona. Replica leather board with wooden pieces. Ancient strategy board game from Madagascar.

Replica Medieval Fox and Geese Game

Fox and Geese - medieval leather board

Medieval Fox and Geese Game - replica middle ages leather board with wooden pieces. Classic strategy game from the middle ages

Game of the Goose - The First Commercial Board Game

Game of the Goose - Bandeja Style

The Game of the Goose holds the accolade of being the first modern commercial board game! It is a simple race game governed by the throw of dice.

Surakarta Roundabouts Ancient Indonesian Board Game


Surakarta (Roundabouts) is an interesting abstract strategy game from Indonesia. A colourful game that is easy to learn but fascinating and enjoyable.

Agon - game of the hexagons

Agon - game of the hexagons

Agon, game of the hexagons, is an abstract strategic board game. The rules are easy to learn and the game is engrossing and fun for all ages.

Hnefatafl - the Viking game Ancient Tablut Tafl game

Hnefatafl - the Viking game

Fascinating tafl game of unequal forces played by the Vikings. Hnefatafl or Tablut set with moulded resin pieces and a linen board in sturdy box

Rithmomachy Board Game The Philosophers' Game


Rithmomachy board game. Nicely decorated wooden board with vinyl playing surface. Unusual, highly complex board game.

Alquerque Ancient Board Game Forerunner to Draughts

Alquerque - ancient draughts/checkers game

Alquerque is an ancient board game that originated in the Middle East and can be described as the forerunner to Draughts.

Isle of Lewis Chess Sets - Buy Lewis Chessmen

Lewis Chessmen Sets

A range of superb Lewis Chessmen replica sets, from leading Chess manufacturers such as SAC. Buy Lewis Chess sets in different sizes & finishes.


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