Disabled Bowls Equipment


Disabled Bowls Equipment

We have a good range of equipment available that is perfect for aiding the elderly or disabled to play bowls. All these accessories are manufactured to a very high standard and rigorously tested by Drakes Pride, the leading Bowls manufacturer. From walking sticks to Bowling arms, Masters Games has the product you need in the size you want to help you to play your favourite game.


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Bowls & Jack lifter

Bowls & Jack lifter - collapsible

A Bowls and Jack lifter from Drakes Pride. A practical and helpful bowls accessory for the elderly and disabled. Manufactured to a very high standard.

Bowling Arm | Aid For Bowler Who Has Difficulty Bending

Bowling arm (aid for bowler who has difficulty bending) Length: Short

A Bowling Arm is a useful tool for elderly and disabled bowlers who have trouble swinging and releasing the bowl. Comes in 4 sizes.

Bowlers Folding Walking Stick

Bowlers Folding Walking Stick

This handy, folding bowls walking stick with a wide base for extra stability will help keep you upright whilst you're waiting for your turn.

Bowls Walking Stick Green Protector

Walking Stick Green Protector (for 18mm diameter ferrules)

From Drakes Pride, a walking stick green protector for use when playing Bowls. Available in two sizes.

Bowls Ramp | Play Bowls While Seated

Bowls Ramp - up to size 3 Bowl

A sturdy fibreglass ramp for Bowls, designed to be used while in a sitting position, from a chair or wheelchair. The ramp can hold up to a size 3 bowl.

RayZa Telescopic Bowls Lifter

RayZa Telescopic Bowls Lifter

The RayZa telescopic Bowls lifter is a very useful aid for bowlers who have difficulty bending or crouching down to pick up their bowls and jacks.

Telescopic Jack Set - Bowls Jack Positioning Aid

Telescopic Jack Set

The telescopic Jack Set is extremely lightweight, compact, portable and totally eliminates the need to bend & crouch during play


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